What to do when you’re bored: 25 useless and useful things you can try

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child in boredom

I am a lazy guy. No really! I am the happiest when I am doing nothing. Although seldom but boredom sometimes hits me too! If you are someone like me who is lazy and bored, here are 25 things you can do to keep yourself occupied –

  1. Sleep: The default solution to tackle boredom is to bump onto the bed, catch few pillows, put a ‘Do Not Disturb’ board on door and go for a deep sleep. Nothing can match the pleasure of a long afternoon nap.
  2. Don’t study: Books are like sleeping pills. Maintain a safe distance from them as books can only bore you more. Hiding them in storeroom isn’t a bad idea either.
  3. Play games, listen to songs or do something that interests you: If you like playing games, pick your phone or plug-in your video game and start playing. If listening to music turns you on, plug your earphones and start listening to beautiful singles. Doing something that you like is a great way of killing boredom.
  4. Go out of house: If you’re not a video game enthusiast, go out of your house and take a walk down the street. If you like driving, go for long drive with your girlfriend.
  5. Do some household work: Supporting parents in daily household work is a good idea to keep yourself busy and boredom out of the window. Helping your mother in kitchen, cleaning house, watering plants are few good ways of keeping yourself as well as your near and dear ones happy.
  6. Talk to friends, girlfriend(s) : All other options to kill boredom may fail but this will certainly not. Catch your phone (in fact, dad’s is a better idea) and start calling all your friends one by one.When they’re done, dial your girlfriend’s number and talk as long as you want. Having girlfriend really helps you know.
  7. In-bathroom, private activity: A ridiculous idea for some but most youth will give thumbs up to this. Not many things in life give the relief that hormones ejection in bathroom does. In fact it’s a  common way of calming yourself when brains go wayward during boring times. If you still don’t agree, ask your friend.
  8. Visualize with open eyes: Most of us do this in small chunks but when you’re bored, you’ve got a lots of time to just sit and visualize airy-fairy things. You may see yourself as country’s next prime minister running great campaigns, or a sportsman breaking records or may be a boyfriend of Kim Kardashian living a lavish, ‘love-filled’ life.
  9. Be a joker: Try out Superman or Tarzan’s costume, wear a hair band, put on glasses, and act like mad. Do some fun things, sing a song, dance like MJ or just do anything your heart wants. Being a joker for your near and dear ones is a great way of bringing smiles on their faces.
  10. Watch TV or movies: Watch your favorite movie, television drama, YouTube video or anything you like. This will churn up hours without you knowing it.
  11. Go for hour-long bathing/swimming session: Not often do we get time to clean our bodies with best of lotions and soaps. When feeling bored, close yourself in bathroom and start cleaning yourself like dishes. You may also go for swimming session. A long bathing session will make you fresh and take away the feeling of boredom. The visual pleasure of watching lovely ladies in swimsuit is an added bonus.
  12. Work it out: Sweating-out the laziness and excess fat out of your body in gym could be a handy option. Who knows boredom may be a blessing in disguise and you end up like Arnold some day.
  13. Go online: Visit your favorite websites; login to Facebook and chat with friends, talk to strangers on chatroulette sites, watch online videos on YouTube and MetaCafe, read articles or surf whatever you like. You can even visit those er0tic sites. Sssshhh our secret!
  14. Get coffee or tea, may be a cigarette: Having a cup of coffee or tea is a nice way to test intensity of your boredom. If it is minor, nicotine present in them will rejuvenate you and you’ll start feeling active after taking one or two sips. If its major, a cigarette could be a handy solution. But remember #smokingisinjurioustohealth
  15. Plan good things: If your body is lazy but brain is active, you can plan things for future. You can decide what you’re going to do the next day? Which course you want to enroll into after school? Which stream should you take for your college studies? Or may be what you want to become in  life and how you want to go about it? In the hurry and burry of life we often neglect these important decisions of life. It’s always a nice idea to think about all this when you have time.
  16. Re-connect with old life and old people: In the process of moving ahead in life, sometimes we forget to keep connection with people who matter in life . During boring times, you can have a leisurely chat with your mother, help siblings with their school projects, reconnect with old friends, rethink your decisions and revise your actions. You can invite friends for a party or call your estranged friend, send cards and gifts to family members and friends you’ve not been in touch with.
  17. Drink till you’re happy: The universal solution of happiness, sadness, despair, failure, success and even boredom is a peg of whisky. This solution works like a charm when you’re bored and feeling sleepy.
  18. Test your personality: Think you’re too lazy? Want to know personality type of a person who is lazy and is often bored because he has nothing to do? Well, here is your chance to find that by taking a personality test. You can try any of the several personality tests found online and get the answer.
  19. Write and Draw for loved ones: Draw a portrait, write a song, a handwritten note, or a letter for your mother or anyone you love. These things carry the message of love like no other.
  20. Cook. Be a chef: Doesn’t matter if you are not a pro at cooking. Cut some onion and prepare a masala maggi to share with your mom or sister.
  21. Take a challenge: You can try something as simple as keeping distance from your phone for the longest possible time to the very famous ice bucket challenge. This is a tough one. Agreed. But then agitation is clearly a replacement for boredom.
  22. Bother someone: Strike a small conversation with a stranger or call a friend and ask annoying questions.  There is nothing fun like annoying the hell out of your best friend.
  23. Solve a puzzle: Trust the internet for this if you do not have a puzzle at home. Don’t look at hints or scroll down to get the answer. This will result in ending the puzzle faster and will disrupt our purpose of playing it in the first place.
  24. Do charity: The best thing to do when you’re bored is to step out and visit a nearby NGO, a blood bank, or a hospital and help people who need your support. Talk to patients positively, donate blood, feed a hungry child, buy clothes for needy and do whatever you can do to make a small difference in other people’s life. None of the above mentioned points will give us the same feeling as helping others will.
  25. Slap yourself: Admitted. This is a ridiculous way. But if you’re finding all above mentioned ways of killing time uninteresting, this is the last option you’ve left. A tight slap across your face will certainly enlighten your mind and will keep you awake you for at least an hour.

That’s 25 from us. If you know any better ones, let us know in the comments.

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