15 Ways to Use Waste Materials to Make Something Decorative and Useful

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What do you normally do with the cold drink can when it becomes empty? Well, most of us will answer the same- throw it away in the dustbin. Simple! But have you ever thought that you can actually make good use of the can? For instance, you can cut the top of the can and plant flowers in it or wrap it in a colorful sheet and use it as a pen holder. Isn’t the idea fascinating? It surely is. Wish to know more? Well, read on to know how to produce something decorative or useful out of waste materials. These ideas are not only worth trying, but will also make your home décor unique and cooler!

1. Phone Holder from Lotion Bottle

Keeping your home clutter free is now easy. Just use the discarded lotion bottle, cut them from the top and they will make excellent phone holders. To enhance their attraction, you can paint the bottles and make them wonderful décor accents.

2. Wall-Art from Cracked Plates

Cracked or broken plates are typically thrown away. But now you can easily use them for decorating your home walls. Do you know that plates make wonderful wall arts as they are? But you know what- the cracks add an extra unusual element to them.

Just try decorating the walls with cracked plates and you will know what I am saying.

3. Soap Dispensers from Old Bottles

Often you may find the designs of some bottles striking, like your empty perfume bottle, drinks bottle etc. Instead, of just throwing them away you can use these bottles as soap dispensers, enhancing the décor of the bathroom.

4. Beautiful Rug from Old T-Shirts

Have you just cleaned them your cupboard and discovered few of your t-shirts which you no longer wish to wear? Why not convert them into appealing rugs and save money on buying new rugs? Well, isn’t it a great idea? Just stitch the t-shirts together in the shape of the rug which you like, rectangular, square or even circle and proudly use them in your bedroom or living area.

Read Tutorial: http://www.thewonderforest.com/2015/01/how-to-make-no-sew-round-braided-rug.html

5. Wall-Art from Toilet Paper Tubes

You will be surprised to know that you can even make good use of the discarded toilet paper tubes. You can shape them into cute little flowers and decorate them in the walls of your living or dining room.

6. Paper Bags from Old Newspapers

Use the old newspapers and papers to make paper bags. You can even decorate the paper bag with vibrant colors and use them to carry gifts for your loved ones.

7. Coasters from Wine Corks

Convert your wine corks into attractive coasters and give them special life. When entertaining your friends, they will love your innovation and appreciate your unique use of waste materials.

8. Brush Holders/First Aid Box from Tin Cans

Brush Holders First Aid Box from tin cans

Are you looking for a comfortable way of storing the brush holders without unnecessarily cluttering the bathroom? Cut open the unwanted tin cans (used to store food) and use it as brush holders. Stick the holders to the bathroom cabinet and you can have quick access to the brushes whenever you need them.

9. Denim Napkins from Jeans

Do you want to give your dinner parties a unique appeal? Now it is possible via cutting your old jeans and making beautiful bohemian style table napkins out of them. Your dinner guests will be pleasantly surprised seeing the unique napkins and will surely compliment you on your imagination.

Read Tutorial: http://www.thewillowmarket.com/how-to-make-upcycled-denim-cloth-napkins/

10. Candles out of Bottle Caps

Candles out of bottle caps

Another interesting way of using waste material in your home is making candles out of bottle caps. You can add some hot wax and wick in the bottle caps and let it cool for few hours. Now you can use the interesting candles to light up your room or dining area and enjoy romantic dinners!

11. Cord Holders from Toilet-Paper Tubes

When the toilet paper is used, you typically discard the toilet paper tubes in the waste basket. But you can put them to good use. Arrange few of the toilet paper tubes in a cardboard box and place the cords in your home (like laptop cord, mobile charger, camera charger) etc. in different tubes. Now, you will not have any difficulty in finding the cords when you need them!

12. Bagel or Pastry Holder from CD/DVD Rower Case

Often in the mid of eating a bagel or pastry you remember some work and you place it in the table or sofa and run off to do your work. But do you know that this practice is extremely unhealthy? Now, you have a good option to temporarily keep the bagel or pastry safe and healthy via making a holder from CD/DVD tower case.

13. Mailbox out of Old Computer Tower

Do not discard your computer CPU or tower in a junk yard. Make a unique mail box out of it and proudly place it in your patio. Your neighbors and visitors will be amazed by your interesting idea.

14. Clock from Bike Wheel

You must have seen the common alarm clocks or wall clocks in different homes. But if you wish to be unique, why not create a clock from a bike wheel? The concept itself is interesting and when you hang it in your home you will receive admirations from your guests.

15. Couch out of Bath Tub

Have you ever seen a couch made from a bath tub? Well, you can see it now! Why not make it yourself? If you are planning to buy a new bath tub, instead of discarding the old one, cut it into half and convert it into a cool couch. You will not only save significant amount of money, but people will love your creativity as well!

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