How to Tackle FOMO – The Fear of Missing Out!

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The era we are in, has connected us virtually, but disconnected us from the real world. With limited friends, trust issues, abundant hang outs, but hardly anyone to chill with (genuinely), we want to leave no opportunity of being present in places or occasions we want to be seen at. Little do we realize that we cannot be everywhere all the time. This leaves us frustrated and we keep seeking fulfillment.

What is FOMO?

FOMO is the Fear Of Missing Out. It is a drive within us that makes us feel left out in life, leaving us depressed, with our minds lingering around the hope that someone somewhere will wait for you and ping you! FOMO is a harsh reality check that is self-induced. You feel lost and in lack of control of the situation and yourself. The fear takes over you and you feel like you are missing out on friends, festivities, get together, social networking and more. The question is can it be dealt with – yes, it can, if we choose to deal with it.

tackle fomo-fear of missing out

Tackling FOMO doesn’t require medicine or a doctor. It just need you to change your lifestyle and a bit of thought-process. Here is how you can do that,

  1. Admit that you have FOMO

    If you know you are suffering from FOMO, first things first, just admit it. Accepting it will only help you deal with it. It will help you be at ease with yourself and analyse the causes and course of action to be taken. Staying calm and patient will work wonders if you are sure of tackling the problem the right way. Relax and try to get rid of this fear gradually and steadily.

  1. Fine Tune Yourself

    It is good to stay tuned with the happenings, but it is your decision to back out of some events that you just cannot be a part of. If work or family business takes precedence, attend to that first. Fine tune yourself to match the frequency that resonates with you. Take up and do only as much as you can handle.

  1. It’s OK to say ‘No’

    Yes is not the only word you must say, although it may be the only word people want to hear. It’s not about being selfish, but it’s about being with yourself and being affirmative. It’s absolutely fine to refuse to attend something that the entire bandwagon is attending. Learn to say no! You can’t be everywhere all the time.

  1. Detach yourself Digitally

    Detach the digital plug that glues you to immense social networking sites. You see your friends partying, you ought to be there! You see an office event that you chose to skip by the way, you feel left out when everyone talks about it, you check updates on an on-going gathering constantly on Facebook and you do all this only to feel worse. Disconnect, detach and unwind. Relax with some ‘me’ time and remember why you had to forego the event in the first place.

  1. Have Clarity of Thought

    Are you constantly watching updates just to confirm that someone is happier than you, having the time of the lives and enjoying every moment? Guess what, you have just proved them right, as they have succeeded in conveying their message loud and clear. Remember that it is a manipulative world out there, with people faking statuses, pictures and actual doings far beyond reality. Be clear of how and what you want to do in life and stop comparing – just be happy!

‘Fear of Missing Out’ might appear a new phrase to most of us but in reality it exist in all of us. Some feel it more strongly than others. I hope the above points help you start off the right way. Get rid of FOMO, it’s not worth wasting your time and energy, and in turn getting depressed. It’s about accepting it, dealing with it and learning to tackle it the right way.

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