How to Stop Receiving Marketing Phone Calls and SMS in India?

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Are you fed up of unwanted marketing calls and SMSes? Do you shudder when pesky telemarketers call you up to sell you those car loans, credit cards, and many other things you don’t want to buy? We can help you deal with exactly that. We humbly intend to give you immunity from those uninvited marketing calls and SMSes in India by informing you about Telecom Regulatory Authority of India’s regulations. Read on to find out how.

indexYou, as a consumer, now have the option to either block all marketing calls and SMSes or to block only marketing calls while receiving SMSes of your choice. You have two options and you can register in either one of the following two categories:

  1. Fully blocked category: Consumer opting for this category will not receive any commercial communication on their phones either as voice calls or SMSes.
  2. Partially blocked category: Consumers opting for this category will not receive any voice calls, but they can choose to receive SMSes on one or more from seven pre-defined subjects, which are:
  1. Banking/insurance/financial products/credit cards
  2. Real Estate
  3. Education
  4. Health
  5. Consumer Goods and Automobiles
  6. Communication/broadcasting/entertainment/IT
  7. Tourism and leisure

If you are already registered with the National Do Not Call Registry (NDNC) then you do not have to re-register and your registration will, by default, continue under the ‘fully blocked’ category. The processes of the registration, re-registration or change in registration process are free of cost.

How to register?

There are four ways to activate your choice. They are:

  1. By sending SMS to 1909
  2. By dialling 1909 and registering through IVRS (Interactive Voice Response System)
  3. By dialling 1909 and registering with the help of a customer care executive
  4. By using the websites of your mobile service provider

Now let’s have a look on how to proceed in each of the above four options.

1. Registration via SMS

To activate the ‘fully blocked category’, send SMS “START 0” to 1909.

To opt for the “partially blocked category”, send SMS “Start [option]” to 1909. The options are as explained below:

  1. “START 1” for receiving SMS relating to banking/insurance/financial products/credit cards.
  2. “START 2” for receiving SMS relating to real estate.
  3. “START 3” for receiving SMS relating to education.
  4. “START 4” for receiving SMS relating to health.
  5. “START 5” for receiving SMS relating to consumer goods and automobiles
  6. “START 6” for receiving SMS relating to communication/broadcasting/entertainment/IT.
  7. “START 7” for receiving SMS relating to tourism and leisure

To opt for multiple preferences from the categories send SMS “Start [option1, option2, option3,…]” to 1909. For example, for receiving commercial SMSs from real estate and health, send the SMS as “START 2, 4”.

You should receive a confirmation SMS after sending the SMS. You have to reply to that message to ascertain the options chosen are implemented. You may get another SMS indicating your preferences along with a unique registration number after receiving the confirmation SMS from you. You should save the unique registration number as it will serve as a reference for your (the subscriber’s) registration of preference.

2. Registration via IVRS

You can call the number 1909(toll-free) and go on to indicate your choice of blocked voice calls and SMSes. You should receive a confirmation SMS mentioning the consumer’s unique registration number on successfully completing the IVRS process.

3. Registration through customer care executive

You can call the number 1909(toll-free) and speak to a customer care executive to save your preferences. You should receive a confirmation SMS stating the unique registration number.

4. Registration via service provider’s website

You can also visit your respective access provider’s website to register your preferences. Just run a Google search for your mobile access provider’s website if you don’t know it.

How to change your preferences?

You can change your choices after seven days of the date of registration or the last change of request you made. You can do this by any of the same four methods described above.

For changing preferences through SMS you can SMS “START [option]” to 1909 to receive calls or SMSes on a certain category or “STOP [option]” to stop receiving calls or SMSes from the particular category. In case you want to fully block all categories you can SMS “START 0” to 1909.

You can otherwise change your preferences via IVRS or speak to a customer care executive by dialling 1909 or by visiting the mobile service providers’ websites. On successful completion, you should expect a confirmation SMS.

How to opt out?

You can de-register from the service by any of these three methods:

  1. Through SMS by sending “STOP” to 1909.
  2. By calling 1909 to de-register through IVRS.
  3. By calling 1909 and speaking to a customer care executive and placing a request to de-register.

Government has passed many regulations to ensure your privacy. It depends upon your choice as on how you make use of all the above mentioned facilities and stop receiving marketing phone calls and SMSes.

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