How to Spice Up Boring Life: 25 Awesome Ways

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spice up your life

Do you often feel that you are missing out on life? From rigid demands at office, exhaustive daily chores and recurring bills, life can get cynical at times. You may seem as if you are stuck in a boring and dull routine. When life feels tiring and exhaustive, it is actually a wake-up call for you to add some spice in your life. Well, adding thrill and excitement to your life is not as tough as you may believe. All you need to do is self examine and determine what activities can add spice to your mundane routine.

Following are some of the activities that can light a fire inside you and make you excited and alive again. You are sure to thank us later.

1. Go on a Spontaneous Road Trip

Usually, we plan our holidays to the final detail. Actually, it is a safe and good way. But don’t we do it all the time? Be different this time. Do not plan the date, prepare the itinerary for your destination or make reservations. Instead, just take your wallet, your favorite music and car keys. Simply keep driving to an undiscovered locale and you are sure to find a whole new exciting side of yourself.

2. Make New Friends

Communicate with interesting people and make new friends. This is actually one of the perfect ways of fighting boredom. If you are not aware of the ways of meeting new people, get involved in activities wherein you can come across like minded people. Attend a motivating event, volunteer organizations or a night club. Always remember the fact that simply sitting in your home and watching television will only lead to depression and boredom. Get up, make new friends and add spice to your life.

3. Write down your Bucket List

Writing down the list of things which you want to do or achieve in life will motivate you and add great value to your life. You will find yourself constantly on the lookout for opportunities to achieve your goals and fulfill your wishes. Simply print the list out and hang it where you can read it daily.

4. Express Yourself

Express your deepest feelings to get all out that are inside your mind and heart. You can try drawing, singing, poetry, painting or dancing. Do anything and everything that can help you express your feelings! You will find it as a form of medication and it will actually spice up your life and add new meaning to it.

5. Go on a Blind Date

Wow! Isn’t it an interesting way of coming out of your boredom? Fix a blind date and ensure an exciting experience.

6. Look Different

You may surely be bored of seeing the same you every day in the mirror. So, why not change your look? Start with changing your hairstyle. Chop off your long hair or try a new hair color.

7. Try New Recipes Everyday

Eating the same food items daily bores you. So, start experimenting with your food. Try new recipes and cuisines daily and you are sure to feel refreshed.

8. Learn a New Dance style

Get out of your comfort zone and learn a new dance form. Try salsa, jazz, classical or anything which you find different or out of your zone.

9. Learn a New Language

Do you know that there are more than 5000 languages spoken around the world? Learn a new language and surprise your loved ones by speaking the language with a local. Apart from loving the appreciation of all, you will enjoy the interaction.

10. Do a Surprise Gig

Performing in front of your family members or a small gathering may be one of your biggest fears. Why not overcome it via doing a surprise gig in a family gathering or friends get-together? You can sing, dance, perform an act or do whatever you feel like to surprise all, including yourself.

11. Ask your Loved ones to Name your Best Qualities

The mundane routine of your life may result in you losing your self confidence. This is the key reason of stress and depression. Ask your loved ones about your best qualities. When people will name your qualities, you are sure to feel good. It will raise your self- esteem and give a morale boost.

12. Give your loved ones a hug for no reason

In our day to day life, we forget to express our love for our loved ones. Due to this reason even our relationships become stagnant. Why not go ahead and give all your loved ones a big hug the next time you meet them? You are sure to laugh at their loving, strange or surprised reactions.

13. Take Care of Yourself

When we get bored, we stop taking care of ourselves. We neglect our dressing, diet routine, look etc. So, begin today- start taking good care of you. Watch your diet, buy good dresses and change your looks. You will find yourself happy and feel good.

14. Keep aside your Electronic Devices for a whole day

Nowadays, we are guided by the electronic devices like laptops, mobile phones and tablets. Do not use your electronic devices for a whole day and feel the positive difference.

15. Try a new sport

Eliminate boredom from your life. Learn a new sport and be adventurous.

16. Go Hiking

Join a hiking group and go hiking. You are sure to love the experience.

17. Try Harmless Pranks

Try funny, but harmless pranks on loved ones like filling you friend’s car with balloons or scaring away your sibling with a toy animal.

18. Be Crazy

Do a surprise yoga session in a supermarket store or do cartwheels spontaneously in your friend’s house.

19. Change your Attitude

Eliminate the “I don’t do this” or “I don’t do that” attitude. Be ready to participate in or at least try new activities. It will bring more fun in your life.

20. Leave your Hang-ups at Home

Do not sound pessimistic at your workplace or friend’s home. Always remember that your colleagues and friends are there to enrich your life. So, always be happy and optimistic in front of them and enjoy life.

21. Redo your Home Décor

Change your cushion covers, wallpapers or the wall paint. This will surely give you a kick and enhance your mood.

22. Add Creativity to your Life

Do not wait for the right opportunities to find you. Instead find the good opportunities yourself. Ask yourself “what I can do this weekend or how can I spice up my life”!

23. Foster Existing Relationships

We often take our loved ones and friends for granted. Make them feel special in whichever way you can.

24. Go Shopping

Shop for your favorite clothing, fashion accessories, shoes, perfumes etc.! It will be a good form of mood enhancer and make you happy.

25. Live the Moment

Do not think about what the future has in store for you. Instead live the moment and be happy and content.

Few More Ways:

  1. Go for a facial session
  2. Explore trendy boutiques
  3. Have your lunch in a park
  4. Try a crazy nail paint
  5. Volunteer for charity work for a week
  6. Hire your favorite luxury car for a day (one which you cannot afford)
  7. Call someone with whom you have not spoken for more than a year
  8. Visit five tourist locales in a day
  9. Go through your family albums
  10. Throw all the people with negative vibes from your life
  11. Watch your favorite cartoon
  12. Get new eyeglasses
  13. Try a new fruit which you have never eaten
  14. Go vegetarian for a month
  15. Visit the nearest skyscraper

Try the aforementioned tips, say yes to life and start living again!

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