10 Smart Tips to Manage your Time and Enhance Productivity

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Chances are good that at some time in our lives we all try to be hyper-productive.

You know doing anything and everything- moving from one task to the other, always running errands, making calls, organizing our desk, checking e-mails and more. The reality is that we all like the idea of staying busy. We associate “remaining busy” with success and hard work. We pile up some much work for ourselves that stress takes over our life. We are unable to find time for our loves ones, enjoying or even resting.

Even though you may get some jobs done while staying busy, still most of the time doing unnecessary works lead to wastage of precious time and effort.

Why not try being productive for a change and work smart?

Always remember the fact that being more productive at work in not a rocket science; you just need to work smart, not hard. Do not simply start doing tasks as and when you see them. Whenever you go to your office, first take a deep breath and begin with managing your time. Now again, managing time does not mean that you need to add on as many works in a day as humanly possible.

Instead, it is just about doing work more efficiently and faster, without taking stress. When you clear away unnecessary works and make space, it will lead to happy you. Believe me, there are just about enough hours in a day to make time for anything and everything you wish to do- playing, enjoying with friends, partying and resting. All you need to do is rearrange and manage your time.

Let us now discuss about some of the tips that will help you effectively manage your time and push you in the right direction.

1. Sleep for at least 7 to 8 hours

We often underestimate the value of sleep. We try to push ourselves and believe that cutting down on our sleep will help us to complete more work. This is actually not true. The reality is that most of us require sleeping at least 7 to 8 hours for ensuring that our mind and body functions properly. So, it is vital to listen to your body and be fresh. It will actually help you be more productive as compared to losing sleep.

2. Work like you are going on a vacation

Have you ever noticed that your productivity significantly increases before a fortnight or week before going on a vacation? Actually, a rigid vacation target motivates us and we work smarter under pressure.  

Use this approach in your day-to-day work schedule to enhance your productivity manifolds.

3. Get Your Priorities Straight

Get an incredible clarity about the crucial works to be completed in the day first. Successfully filter and prepare your to-do list and jot down only the extremely crucial works. Simply follow the same routine for your daily work schedule and complete the listed down work first. Constantly use this method and you will be in store for you a surprise- Your productivity has increased significantly!

4. Fix your internet surfing, TV and gaming time

Do you know that gaming, television and unnecessarily exploring the internet eat up significant amount of our time? Just calculate your gaming, television and internet timings for a few days and you are sure to realize that they are the biggest hindrance to enhanced productivity. You will immediately cut down their timings.

5. Eat Healthy and Exercise

Just like sleeping for 7 to 8 hours is vital, similarly eating healthy and exercising is also crucial. If you maintain a healthy lifestyle, it will help you in focusing clearly, clearing your mind and boosting energy levels. Your productivity level will increase simultaneously.

6. Designate a Special time to each work

Do not approach your work in a way like “I will not get up from my desk till I complete the task”. It may take you forever! Instead, designate a particular time, like “I will complete the work in 5 hours”. You will be surprised to notice that your efficiency has increased manifolds.

7. Get over working on menial details

When drafting a project or planning a strategy, we often have the habit of going back time and again on the previous details which we have already worked upon. Do not try to be a perfectionist. Instead, complete the bulk work first and leave the revision work for a later date.

8. Streamline your System

Organizing your desktop or laptop is no complicated task. Instead, it will take complication out of your work. Properly arrange your files and documents in different folders and name them. This will help you in easily finding them within seconds, which usually eats up precious time. Additionally, remove unnecessary mails and unsubscribe mails which you do not wish to receive.

9. Do Less

You may be surprised with the heading; but it actually works. Typically, doing less is an alternative way of recommending doing things that are essential. Wait and jot down the works that really matter and devote your time in doing those things. Do things for creating value, instead of those unnecessary works that rarely have any value.

One Final Tip

10. Make Enjoying Life Your Goal

We get so caught up with piled up office works that we forget to enjoy our life. We do not have time to pursue our passion, meet friends or even watch a movie. Organize your work in such a way that you get you get ample time to do what you enjoy most- be it vacationing, roaming around with friends, working on your passion and so on. You will find yourself happy, which will energize you and change the way you approach things in a positive way, including your work.

Try to implement the aforementioned tips and magnificent things will happen in your life, including significantly enhanced productivity!

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