10 Simple Self-Defense Tips Indian Women Must Know

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Self-Defense Tips Indian WomenYou must have seen it in television serials or movies- A woman is walking towards an isolated car parking. All of a sudden, a dangerous looking man appears out of nowhere and tries to grab the woman. The woman instantly kicks the guy. The guy screams in pain and woman makes a narrow escape.

But life is not a movie or television serial. When a woman tries to kick the guy in panic without perfect aim, he may know what is going to come and may quickly evade the kick, pulling the woman off balance. Angry with the woman’s attempt, the man may throw the woman on the ground and she may then be in a vulnerable position, unable to defend herself or run away.

Just consider the recent Bangalore incidents which made headlines for days. The women went out to celebrate the New Year but were faced with disgusting men who tried to molest them. Various incidences were noted at different places in Bangalore and some were even captured in CCTV cameras. The incidences were not only shameful, but also raised questions about the safety of women.

What is the solution? How can women be safe? Not going out at night alone is not the solution, as quoted by various self-styled wise men! Instead, women need to rise up to such shameful incidences and to enhance their safety, need to take matters in their own hands.

Just ask yourself- if someone attacks you, will you be confident enough to fight back or panic in fear? Getting assaulted, harassed or mugged are not the kind of things you will want to think about, but the fact is that in India, it is a reality! For this reason, you need to learn the perfect self-defense moves to defend yourself when the need arises and move anywhere and everywhere in confidence.

1. Scratch, Pinch and Bite

If you feel that your life is in danger, you require doing whatever it takes to come out of the untoward situation safely. Scratch, pinch and bite- do whatever you can. The more aggression you will show, the more the attacker will become off guard.

2. Scream at the Top of your Lungs

From a defense point of view, scream as hard as you can. Even though you may feel that the location is isolated, like a car parking area or deserted washroom, but you may never know when somebody is around who can save you. So, scream hard for help; it may even panic your attacker and he may leave you and run away.

3. Use Objects Around you

Whether it’s a dustbin, your purse or your heels, use whatever you can grab to attack the assaulter. Use your phone or even car keys to get time to run away or call for help.

4. Be Aware of your Surroundings

Be alert and watchful of your surroundings always. Your vision, sound, touch and smell will keep you away from danger. Do not walk while using your Facebook, talking over the phone or listening music. It will make you vulnerable to attacks.

5. Hit the Eye

When someone is coming towards you with a knife or another weapon, do not wait or panic. Instead confidently go straight towards attacking the assailant’s eye. Open both your palms with fingers directed towards the eyes of the attacker. Even though it may sound brutal, but it is always better to be safe, whatever way you can.

6. Kick the Groin Area

Apart from the eyes, you can even hit any sensitive area, i.e. the groin. Physically strike the groin and be assured that it WILL hurt the molester. Use your intuition and make a direct impact to the groin area, ensuring that the hit is as strong as possible, straight and sharp.

7. Hit the Nose

To free yourself from the attacker, use all your strength and brain. When you have hit the groin of the attacker, he may surely be angry and frustrated and you may just have few seconds to get away. Instantly hit the nose of the attacker with the heel of your hand while clenching your fist. The pain will be instant and excruciating and you will then get enough time to escape till the attacker regains his breath.

8. Hit the Neck

Just like the groin area, neck too is extremely sensitive, containing a crazy number of nerve endings. So, when you attack the neck, the attacker will get immediately overwhelmed, making it impossible for them to fight back. You will then have sufficient time to run away and call for help.

9. Target the Throat

Surprise your attacker by targeting his throat. Open your palms and push your fingers inside the throat of the attacker, choking him. Carry it out while pushing your attacker and surprising him with the attack. Make sure to do it as quickly as possible to ensure that the attacker does not get time to think or react.

You can use this defense technique for lesser dangerous situations like a drunken person trying to forcefully hug you or an unknown person trying to get into your personal space. When you swiftly hit their throat, they will instantly move back and get away from you.

10. Be Car Smart

Large numbers of attacks happen at a parking lot. So, when you are going towards a parking lot, hold your car keys in hand and do not wait for long in the isolated parking lot searching for it. Additionally, hold the keys in a position to use it as a weapon if the need arises. Do not unlock your car from a distance, which may give someone enough time to get inside your car. Moreover, be watchful and instantly start driving when you get in the car; do not wait inside the car for long.

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