How to do SBI to SBI online money transfer using SBI internet banking (Intrabank money transfer)

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Online money transfer using SBI internet banking is a 2 step process. Firstly we have to add the beneficiary who is the person receiving the money and secondly do the money transfer. Adding beneficiary is a one time process after which we can start transferring funds as many times as we want.

In the article, we first explain both these steps in detail and then execute it for real in a YouTube video at the end.

Step 1. Adding new Intrabank Beneficiary

  1. Login to your account and go to ‘Profile’ section.

    go to sbi netbanking profile section to add sbi beneficiary

  2. Click on ‘Manage Beneficiary’.

    manage beneficiary in sbi online banking

  3. Enter profile password for authentication.

    enter profile password to manage beneficiary in sbi internet banking

  4. Click on ‘Intra-bank Beneficiary’ since the receiver(ie beneficiary) holds an account with SBI.

    add intrabank beneficiary in sbi internet banking

  5. Enter bank account details and payment limit in the form that appears. Payment limit is the maximum amount you could pay to the beneficiary. You can change it later as well. Submit the form to proceed.

    add intrabank beneficiary details for sbi to sbi online money transfer

  6. After adding the beneficiary, its time to approve it. To do this, click on  the ‘Approve Now’ button that appears.

    approve added beneficiary in sbi internet banking to start transferring money online

  7. Select ‘Approve Beneficiary’ to approve the newly added beneficiary.

    Enter sent OTP to add beneficiary and approve beneficiary

  8. Select ‘Approve through OTP’ option.
  9. approve state bank beneficiary using OTP

  10. You’ll receive an OTP code on your registered mobile number. Enter the sent code to complete process of adding beneficiary to your SBI netbanking account.

    sbi beneficiary added successfully for online funds transfer

Step 2. Transferring money online to the added beneficiary

After you’ve successfully added a beneficiary and bank has activated it, you can start sending money online immediately. To do online money transfer carry out the following steps,

  1. Login to OnlineSBI and goto ‘Payments/Transfers’ section.

    goto payments/transfers to transfer money online using sbi internet banking

  2. Select ‘Accounts of Others’ under ‘Within SBI’ block to see a list of all SBI beneficiaries added by you.

    sbi to sbi online money transfer

  3. Select account, enter the amount and remarks to remember the transaction. This remark would show in the mini-statement of yours and the beneficiary. Click ‘Submit’ to initiate funds transfer.

    online funds transfer from one sbi account to another using sbi netbanking

  4. Finally click ‘confirm’ to send money.

    last step of intrabank online money transfer using sbi online banking

  5. A confirmation message will show up and that’s it. You’ve successfully made SBI to SBI online money transfer using SBI netbanking. Money will be debited from your account and credit to the other account almost immediately.

Here is a video by CyberHowTo explaining the entire SBI to SBI online money transfer process,

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