How to be Safe from your ex-Boyfriend?

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There is nothing like being in love. When you are in a relationship, the world seems like a beautiful place to live in. During the good times of relationship, you enjoy your boyfriend’s company, have fun, go out, and hooked up to your phone with him and what not!

But have you thought about the situations/issues that might arise when this relationship goes sour and you break-up? Your boyfriend becomes your ‘ex’. Not all relationships are meant to end up in marriage and breaking up in fine. However, some men find it difficult to ‘let go’ and accept the fact that you have moved on with life. Especially if he is too possessive, he may turn violent and unpredictable and might stalk and harass you.

If you are in such a situation, here are few tips that might help you to be safe from your ex-boyfriend:

Let your friends, parents and close one know about your break-up

It is important to inform your friends, parents and those in the know about your relationship that you’ve broken up with the guy. Also, it is better to inform your ex’s parents and your mutual friends. If your ex tries to trouble you in any way, you can always sought help from any of these people.

Change all the passwords you have shared with him

It is as important to be safe in the virtual world as it is in your real life. Probably more! Make sure you change all the passwords of your social networking profiles, e-mails, messenger/chat services so that he doesn’t have a chance to tarnish your image online.

Take back any intimate evidences

It is advised not to have any intimate moments recorded or clicked with your boyfriend.  But if there are any such materials existing, you need to take it back from him and make sure to destroy them. This will save your privacy and mental trauma if your ex had any evil intentions.

Have company when you’re with your ex

Ask a friend or anyone trustworthy person to accompany you if you’re meeting with your ex or expecting to run into him. It is always safe not to be alone when your ex is around.

Give drinks and alcohol a miss

When at a social get-together or a party where your ex is also present, try to avoid consuming alcohol or any kind of drugs. If your ex is high/intoxicated and you anticipate any trouble due to that, do not hesitate to leave the venue.

Do not react to any inappropriate behavior

If you encounter your ex anywhere and he is trying to provoke you or trying to harass in any way, do not react as he might be trying to make a scene and harm your reputation.

In case of any threatening calls or messages

If your ex makes any threatening call or sends you abusive texts or messages, do not erase them and keep those safe. They can be used as evidence against him if you want to go to police for help.

If your ex tries to barge into your home/workplace

Stay in a safe place and make sure you do not attend the door if it is your ex at the door. Sought help from those at home/workplace and if you’re alone, call your neighbors or raise an alarm.

Remember there are law and police

At any point, you feel the situation is getting worse and things are going out of control, call the police and lodge a complaint. The cops will take care of your ex and his antics.

Finally, stay calm and do not panic at any point. Just remember that you can face any situation and stay safe if you’re brave.

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