How to Recover lost/forgot SBI internet banking password in minutes?

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SBI internet banking account has 2 types of passwords – account and profile password.

Account password is used for login into netbanking portal while profile password is used within the portal for doing vital operations like adding & deleting beneficiaries, changing payment limits, updating personal information etc.

Both are set by user at the time of first use.

Since these passwords are long and complex, they are hard to remember and may slip from your memory. In the blog, we tell you pretty easy ways of recovering forgotten SBI internet banking login and profile passwords.

1. Account(or Login) Password

  1. Click the ‘Forgot Login Password’ link on the SBI online banking login page.

    recover SBI online banking password step1

  2. Select ‘Forgot My Login Password’ in the new window that opens up.

    recover SBI internet banking password step2

  3. Fill username, account number, phone number, date of birth and captcha text. Click ‘Submit’ to proceed.

    recover SBI netbanking password step3

  4. A 6-digit verification code called as OTP or One-time password will be sent to your registered mobile number. Enter the sent OTP and click ‘Confirm’ to proceed.

    recover SBI internet banking password step4

Now we have 2 ways of going forward; one way is resetting password using profile password and the other one is requesting bank for new password.

Option 1: Using Profile Password

If you remember the profile password, you can reset the account password immediately. To do this,

  1. Select first option – ‘Remember your profile password’ option.

    reset SBI internet banking password using profile password step1

  2. Enter profile password and click ‘Submit’.

    reset SBI internet banking password using profile password step2

  3. Enter new password twice and that’s it. Your SBI online banking account is successfully reset with new password.

    reset SBI internet banking password using profile password step3

Here is a video by CyberHowTo explaining the entire process of resetting login password using profile password.

Option 2: New Password by Mail

If you don’t remember the profile password, you can reset the password by requesting the bank. This method is time-taking as password is sent via postal mail.

  1. Select the second option – ‘Forgot profile password’.

    restore SBI internet banking password from bank step1

  2. Now you have two options here, you can go to the bank and reset account password or just make a request for new password through mail to your address. For bank option, select ‘Reset login password at bank’ or select ‘Receive new login password by Post’ for mail option.

    restore SBI netbanking password from bank step1

2. Resetting Profile Password

Profile password is very important. Without it, you cannot carry out important activities from your netbanking account including funds transfer and password change.

In case, you’re struggling to remember profile password of your SBI internet banking account, here is how you can reset it,

  1. Login to your SBI netbanking account and click ‘Profile’ tab at the top.

    resetting sbi online banking profile password step1

  2. Select any operation on the profile page; here we’ve selected ‘Manage Beneficiary’.

    resetting sbi online banking profile password step2

  3. Since you don’t remember profile password, click on ‘Forgot profile password’.

    resetting sbi online banking profile password step3

Here again you have 2 ways of recovering the password – one is by answering the hint question and other one is by contacting the bank.

Option 1: Answering Hint Question

  1. If you remember the hint question, select the question and answer it. Click ‘Submit’ to proceed.

    hint question to get duplicate sbi netbanking password

  2. If you answer it correctly, you’d see a page for entering the new password.

Option 2: Contacting the bank

If you don’t remember the hint question, the other option is by contacting the bank.

  1. For this, click on ‘please click here’ against the ‘If you have not set the hint question….’ text below the hint question.
  2. Select the branch name and submit.

    duplicate sbi online banking password from bank

  3. A message containing the reference number will show up. Carry this number to the bank and they’ll reset your profile password.

    take reference number to bank for duplicate password

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