How to Permanently Remove Bad Breath from Mouth – Few Easy Ways

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We all worry about it, no one likes to know it, but it is worse not to be aware of it.

What is it? Well, it’s Bad Breath!

All of us wake up in the morning with breath which is not fresh. This is due to the fact that during night the bacteria keep multiplying in our mouth. Additionally, unlike waking hours, there is no constant flow of saliva for washing away the bacteria. But this issue is easily rectified when we brush and floss our teeth. Moreover, the consumption of some food items like spicy food, garlic and onion can also leave us with bad breath. But again, we can easily take care of it with the use of a good brand toothpaste and toothbrush.

But if the issue goes beyond the use of toothbrush or floss and the bad breath remains throughout the day, it is time to take the right steps to remove bad breath permanently. The fact is that persistent bad breath can cause great embarrassment and discomfort for you as well as the people around you and even ruin relationships.

How to Know if You Have a Bad Breath?

It is very difficult to determine on your own whether you suffer from bad breath issue or not. The odd frowns of the people around you when you open your mouth or speak are small indications, but you sure need confirmation. So, the best way of finding out is asking a family member or close friend. Another way of checking out for bad breath is using a dental floss and then smelling it. If you find blood in the floss or if the floss smells, you suffer from foul odor issues.

There is no need for you to worry. Fortunately, you can easily fix the issue taking the right measures.

How to Get Rid of Bad Breath

Once you have ascertained that you suffer from bad breath, following are some of the measures to permanently eradicate the problem.

1. Brush your teeth after every meal

Do not be lazy about flossing and brushing your teeth. Make it a habit of brushing your teeth after every meal. It is advisable to carry a travel toothpaste and toothbrush to your office to ensure brushing after lunch.

2. Clean your Tongue

Just brushing your teeth is not enough. As your tongue has a lot of surface area and is covered with textured grooves and bumps, bacteria love to lodge in your mouth. If you do not clean your tongue after meals, the bacteria can start working and cause bad breath. When you clean your tongue, it can go a long way in the reduction of foul odor.

3. Ensure Regular Dental Check-ups

Make sure to get dental check-ups from a reputed dentist at least twice a year. This is due to the fact that we often brush our teeth in an incorrect way, which can be the major cause of bad breath. A dentist can teach you the ideal method of brushing and flossing your teeth. Sometimes, foul odor from your mouth can be an indicator of serious issues like gum disease, tooth decay, an abscess or unclean denture. With regular dental check-ups the dental problem can be determined and eradicated at the earliest, ensuring permanent removal of bad breath as well.

4. Use Mouthwash

Mouthwash helps in keeping your mouth moist, thereby preventing foul odor.

5. Watch what you Eat

What you eat is responsible for what you exhale. Our body absorbs the flavors and odors of food items which we eat. This is the reason the flavor remains in our breath for hours. So, it is advisable to either eliminate odorous food items from your diet or at least make it a habit of brushing your teeth after meals. Always eat regular meals and healthy, balanced diet. Very low carbohydrate diet or fasting can give you foul smelling breath. You can also snack on apple slices, celery and raw carrots to clear your mouth of debris and boost dental health. Moreover, avoid consuming bad breath causers like spicy foods, onions and garlic.

6. Go Traditional

Home remedies that have been passed down for decades can work to ensure good dental care. For instance, herbs like fennel have been long used as a bad breath remedy. Fennel contains various antibacterial properties and increases saliva production, thereby serving as a good remedy for foul smelling mouth.

7. Reduce Alcohol Intake

Alcohol can result in dry mouth. Excessive consumption of hard liquor, wine or beer can make your mouth stink for hours.

8. Give up Smoking and other tobacco products

If you want another reason to stop this harmful habit, here is one. Pipes, cigarettes and other tobacco products can give smokers horrible breath.

9. Cut back on your Coffee Consumption

You may really like it, but the smell of coffee can be difficult to get rid of.

10. Remain Hydrated

If you are not able to brush your teeth after every meal, drink lot of water to speed up the process of cleansing the bad breath causing bacteria.

11. Use Chewing Gum

Consider chewing gum that can assist in producing more saliva and reducing bad breath.

Fresh breath is an indication of a healthy mouth, and a healthy mouth is a sign of your good overall health. The aforementioned easy tips can prove integral in fighting, preventing and removing bad breath permanently.

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