How to pay electricity bill online in UP, India (Video Tutorial)

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Tired of standing in long queues and seeing those lazy officials¬†submitting electricity bills slower than molasses. If you’re an average guy I once was, now is the time to get hi-tech.

All Indian states now have their separate portal for online payment of electricity bills. In the blog, Iam going to tell how I pay my electricity bill online using my state Uttar Pradesh’s website

Step 1: Registration

  1. Go to¬† and create new account clicking ‘Register’.
  2. Enter the account number, bill number from your electricity bill, and Continue.create account for online electricity bill payment in up
  3. On the next page, consumer name, address, meter type will come pre-filled. Enter email id, phone number, security question and set password to finish the registration process.finish registration entering email and phone number
  4. Click the verification link sent to the email to activate account for paying online electricity bills.account activated for submitting online electricity bill

Step 2: Making Payment

  1. For making payment, login to the site.
  2. In the dashboard, go to ‘Bill Information>Pay Bill’ at the top menu.
  3. Check the bill amount, click ‘Pay Now’ to proceed.
  4. Select a payment mode – Internet Banking or Debit/Credit Card and make payment.
  5. On successful payment, a confirmation message and receipt for print will show up.

That’s it. Bill Paid.

For other states, the process of online electricity bill payment is more or less the same, however we’ll try to cover most of them separately in future posts.

For your reference here are direct links to e-payment pages of portals of different Indian states.

  1. Haryana –
  2. Rajasthan –
  3. Delhi –
  4. Tamil Nadu –
  5. Maharashtra –
  6. Madhya Pradesh –
  7. Bihar (North Bihar) –
  8. Bihar (South Bihar) –
  9. West Bengal –
  10. Karnataka –
  11. Andhra Pradesh –
  12. Orissa –
  13. Uttaranchal –
  14. Himachal Pradesh –
  15. Kerala –

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