How to Attract Attention of your Husband Everyday: 10 Best Tips

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How to pay electricity bill online in UP, India (Video Tutorial)

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Download Bollywood Movies for Free (Video Tutorial)

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How to File an RTI Application Online: Rules and Correct Procedure

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7 android apps to block unwanted calls and messages

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How to Spend Monthly Salary for Short-term and Long-term Household Needs?

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15 Tips to book confirm tatkal ticket online on irctc

Booking a tatkal ticket is nothing sort of war. You go there, try hard and return empty handed like a defeated warrior. What you’re doing wrong, is your internet connection weak, or you don’t have the trick that some brokers execute, or you’re still following the already gone ways of ticket booking. Ease a bit, lean on your sofa, relax … Continue reading

How to do confirm tatkal ticket booking using brokers trick: Video tutorial

Booking a tatkal ticket is easy once you know the tricks that brokers execute. There is nothing like tatkal booking software or application, in fact just a few set of tweaks that they know and we don’t. We’ve mentioned all those in our previous blog post, now its time to apply them and see how it helps us in getting … Continue reading

How to do online railway reservation using irctc: Video Tutorial

Railway ticket booking is a 3-step process which includes, Searching of trains and berth availability Entering passenger information Making payment In the post, we’ll first understand the ticket booking procedure in detail and then do a reservation in real. Before we dive-in, grab yourself a coffee, be comfortable and start reading. Step 1. Searching trains and checking seat availability Login to, enter … Continue reading