How to be Safe from your ex-Boyfriend?

There is nothing like being in love. When you are in a relationship, the world seems like a beautiful place to live in. During the good times of relationship, you enjoy your boyfriend’s company, have fun, go out, and hooked up to your phone with him and what not! But have you thought about the situations/issues that might arise when … Continue reading

How to Recover lost/forgot SBI internet banking password in minutes?

SBI internet banking account has 2 types of passwords – account and profile password. Account password is used for login into netbanking portal while profile password is used within the portal for doing vital operations like adding & deleting beneficiaries, changing payment limits, updating personal information etc. Both are set by user at the time of first use. Since these … Continue reading

What to do when you’re bored: 25 useless and useful things you can try

I am a lazy guy. No really! I am the happiest when I am doing nothing. Although seldom but boredom sometimes hits me too! If you are someone like me who is lazy and bored, here are 25 things you can do to keep yourself occupied – Sleep: The default solution to tackle boredom is to bump onto the bed, … Continue reading

How to Check Adulteration in Milk at Home

Milk is a common drink of our daily diet. But not every-time the milk we take is pure; it may have urea, formalin, vanaspati, starch and water as impurity. Packed milk from reputed brands as well as milk purchased from milk-vendors can be adulterated so its important to check for them before consuming. Test for adulteration in milk can be done at home … Continue reading

How to get rid of a flirty relative/family member?

We women are the most beautiful creations of God-so much so that sometimes even near and dear ones “lose it” and start flirting with us. Only God knows what gives them the courage to take such gigantic risks, risks of being exposed and tainted relationships, apart from the definite guilt of flirting with a relative ever lurking in their conscience. … Continue reading

10 Safety Tips for Women Travelling Alone in India

If you ever happen to be a solo traveler looking to discover new frontiers, chase business opportunities, fly off to the orange horizon to unwind and relax, then nothing is as important to contemplate and secure as your safety during the voyage. Sadly enough, we women do face bigger obstacles than men when travelling alone. Do Proper Planning Safety of … Continue reading

Child Development from Infancy to Toddler and Adolescence: A Complete Parenting Guide

A famous proverb says ‘every time a child is born, a mother is also born’. Just like the baby is newborn, the mother is new born too! No matter how many advices and how much guidance people around give you, you have to learn being a mother. Parenthood is one of the toughest job in the world where you have … Continue reading

Get location using HTML5’s geolocation API and Google Maps Javascript API

If you’re building a website or app and require geographical location of users then you’re reading the right article as we’ll explain everything, right from detecting user geographical coordinates, to displaying location on Google Maps and getting postal address. Not just this, we’ll also tell a few tips on making your own GPS using the same idea. Its really simple, absolutely not … Continue reading

How to Invest Money in India to Get Returns Better Than Banks

Indian economy is currently in its best phase. The country has finally a stable government. Almost all the developed nations are questing to invest in our country. Stock markets are at their peak. With so much happening around, it seems to be the best time to invest money.  However, the big question here is that where to invest money in … Continue reading

How to Learn Basics of Computing as a Newbie?

This is the age of computing when everything from banking to railway ticket booking is done online. Now is the time when more than ever you need to learn computing. We assume, since you are already reading this, you need a reliable no-fuss-type guidance on how to learn the basics of computing as a novice for yourself or for someone … Continue reading