How to Change Name in India – Complete Process Explained

Do you know who Shivaji Rao Gaekwad and A.S. Dileep Kumar are?? They are both among the most famous Indian film personalities. Does the names ring any bell in your mind? Alright, don’t start Googling, they are none other than Superstar Rajinikanth and Oscar winning music composer A.R Rahman. The former are their respective birth names. These are just examples … Continue reading

How to Register a Company in India: Complete Procedure Explained

Setting up a new company/business involves various exercises including planning business model, arranging initial funding, designing and many more.  Once these aspects are taken care of, another most important step required to bring a company’s name into existence legally in the market is by registering it.  This is one such aspect that budding entrepreneurs who excel significanly in their fields … Continue reading

How to Build an Awesome Professional Network

Networking is the theoretically the act of forming and maintaining relationships with like-minded people who would help you expand your business.  It is basically like having a group where you work with one another and help each other in achieving success.  Professional networking is the extension of networking but with an aim to share data and advice with the people, … Continue reading

How to do SBI to SBI online money transfer using SBI internet banking (Intrabank money transfer)

Online money transfer using SBI internet banking is a 2 step process. Firstly we have to add the beneficiary who is the person receiving the money and secondly do the money transfer. Adding beneficiary is a one time process after which we can start transferring funds as many times as we want. In the article, we first explain both these steps in … Continue reading

IRCTC consumer complaints: 10 Common Problems Redressed

Despite being one of the biggest rail networks, Indian Railways is worst in terms of customer satisfaction. Right from booking of ticket to undertaking journey, travellers are no short of complaints. Someone finds a cockroach in food while somebody isn’t happy with the cleanliness and sanitation facilities. Problem of not getting confirmed ticket remains a persistent issue with many. 1. … Continue reading

How to overcome Frustration, Rejection and Depression in daily life

How many times have you logged in to Facebook and saw your friends living an awesome life.  You saw everyone looking awesome and partying hard till late in the night while you were stuck in your boring job looking like a jerk. You felt as a failure. Well, if this is you, you are not alone. In today’s world, everyone … Continue reading

IRCTC Online Ticket Reservation: Hidden features you don’t know

We all book railway tickets online on Its easy, instant and prevent us from tiring queues of booking counters. I’ve been doing it for more than 8 years now and in the process learnt lots of amazing things like brokers trick and clever tweaks to book confirmed tatkal tickets. In today’s post, we’ll talk about some cool features of irctc online ticket booking … Continue reading

How to Approach a Stranger and Start Conversation Successfully?

How many times have you tried approaching a stranger but came back disappointed because the conversation didn’t turned out as you wanted it to be? The situation is a regular affair if you are the kind of person who is hesitant or feels shy while trying to strike conversation with a stranger. Many people aren’t so good at approaching strangers. … Continue reading

How to Occupy Children During Holidays?

Holidays are the most exciting part of the year for any child. It’s that time of the year when the children can stay relaxed with no pressure of their studies and the usual back-breaking school routine. As important as it is for the children to stay relaxed during the vacations, it is also important for them to be occupied with … Continue reading

How to Tackle Physical Abuse and Bullying by Men in India

Bullying is a not an India specific problem but is a universal issue. However, what makes the problem even bigger in India is the male dominant society and ancient thinking which doesn’t seem to change much. The shameful thing is that often the girl who was abused/bullied is treated as the culprit and not the victim. Indian girls face harassment … Continue reading