How to Throw a ‘Perfect’ Dinner Party at Home – Few Useful Tips

Throwing a dinner party at home is always fun! It’s a great way to catch up with those you haven’t met in a while and spend quality time with them. Sounds good, right? However, in order to ensure everybody has a good time (including you), you must plan everything in advance. Here are a few easy tips: 1) Keep the … Continue reading

How to Learn English: 10 Awesome & Pretty Easy ways

Speaking good English has become a mandate in order to be successful. But not everyone might have had the privilege of learning English at their schools. And the older they get, the more intimidating learning a language would be. Fortunately though, English isn’t hard to learn at all and with some dedicated smart work you should be able to achieve … Continue reading

How to Manage Stress in Daily Life: 10 Simple Lifestyle Tweaks

Stress is a usual part of our lives and basically comes from everyday activities. Exhaustive office chores, marital issues, racing against deadlines, children trouble, studies pressure, job problems etc., there is so much in life that may make your body react in a way like you were faced with a physical threat. In short, you can say that stress is … Continue reading

10 Easy Ways of Checking If the Food Stuffs are Organic

Are you frustrated of consuming food items that are loaded with chemicals, but do not know how to choose organic vegetables and fruits? Read on to know about the 10 easy tips of checking whether you are choosing stuffs that are organic. 1. Coding Even though this rule in not introduced in India yet, still sometimes the vegetables and fruits … Continue reading

10 Smart Tips to Manage your Time and Enhance Productivity

Chances are good that at some time in our lives we all try to be hyper-productive. You know doing anything and everything- moving from one task to the other, always running errands, making calls, organizing our desk, checking e-mails and more. The reality is that we all like the idea of staying busy. We associate “remaining busy” with success and … Continue reading

How to Catch Your Cheating Husband, Red-handed?

So your husband is showing all the signs of a cheating partner. You are almost sure that he is cheating on you but cannot confront him until you have some solid proof. So how can you catch your cheating husband? Here is how you can catch a cheating partner red handed: 1. Go out for a week-long trip and drop … Continue reading

How to Get Rid Of Acne Scars: 10 Cool Home Remedies

Anytime a pimple pops up on your face out of nowhere, it is sure to ruin your day. If it is right before your big date, it may greatly annoy as well as embarrass you and you may end up cancelling your date. As if having acnes were not bad enough, they leave behind ugly acne scars. If you have … Continue reading

How to get Rid of Jealousy and Become a Better Person

Let us talk about jealousy with an instance which actually occurred with me in my college days. My friend Archana and I were assigned a survey project together. One day, we were sitting in our hostel room, discussion about the best ways to conduct the survey. Archana gave an ingenious idea to lead and conduct the survey. The idea was … Continue reading

How to Spice Up Boring Life: 25 Awesome Ways

Do you often feel that you are missing out on life? From rigid demands at office, exhaustive daily chores and recurring bills, life can get cynical at times. You may seem as if you are stuck in a boring and dull routine. When life feels tiring and exhaustive, it is actually a wake-up call for you to add some spice … Continue reading

How to Permanently Remove Bad Breath from Mouth – Few Easy Ways

We all worry about it, no one likes to know it, but it is worse not to be aware of it. What is it? Well, it’s Bad Breath! All of us wake up in the morning with breath which is not fresh. This is due to the fact that during night the bacteria keep multiplying in our mouth. Additionally, unlike … Continue reading