How to overcome Frustration, Rejection and Depression in daily life

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How many times have you logged in to Facebook and saw your friends living an awesome life.  You saw everyone looking awesome and partying hard till late in the night while you were stuck in your boring job looking like a jerk. You felt as a failure. Well, if this is you, you are not alone.

In today’s world, everyone judge your life by how amazing it looks in social networking sites. This had led to depression, frustration and the feeling of rejection in many people. Frustration, rejection and depression in daily life make a person suffer and wage a battle against oneself. If not addressed at an earlier stage, this can become really serious. Also referred to as Clinical Depression, it is a medical disorder which is destructive to the personality.

If you too are facing any sort of frustration or depression, here are a few things that might help you to overcome these silent killers:

 Give up the Feeling of Being Inferior

It is a lack of self-confidence and self worth which creates a feeling of doubt and uncertainty over the abilities of oneself. It is very important to stop thinking that you’re inferior by believing in yourself and building self confidence. You have to understand that you should not be richer or more beautiful than everyone around you. Fining happiness in what you have is the key.

 Don’t succumb to Social Pressure

Social pressures like peer pressure, socio-economic pressure are the ones which arise when you start trying too hard to please people around you. This can lead to unnecessary stress. So stop trying to please other and live your life on your own terms. Understand that it is impossible to satisfy everyone in your social circle. Do what you think is right and what is good for your family.

Your Appearance is not everything

Lot of people are very conscious about the way they look. In fact they associate their looks with their self-confidence and often fail to achieve things they deserve. Looks are important, but only to some extent. Your attitude, the way you carry yourselves, and your intelligence can help you achieve great milestones. Remember having the right attitude is all you need.

Showing-offs is For Insecure People

People who show-off think that it makes them superior than others. However, in reality it has been proved that such people are actually very insecure about themselves. Whether you are rich or very beautiful, showing off never help in bringing appreciation

Its OK if you are Still Single

Many youth feel the pressure of getting into a relationship just because all their friends and peers are already into one. However, being in a relationship should not be due to any peer pressure or due to social influence but should be out of one’s own feelings and needs. What is the point in having a boyfriend/girlfriend if you do not know how to sustain such a relationship? Its ok if you are still single. Enjoy being single. You will find love of your life at the right time.                                

Stop Comparing Yourself

When you compare yourself with others, you stop respecting things you already have. The first step towards overcoming frustration and depression is to stop comparing yourself with others. Appreciate your worth and start loving things you already have. When you start to love and appreciate what you have and life will be more beautiful than you had ever imagined.

Try to eat a healthy diet, exercise regularly, engage in a creative hobby, indulge in a sporting activity, practice yoga and meditation, spend time with friends and loved ones and embrace and enjoy the nature. Above all, try to be happy and content. This will surely help you overcome frustration or rejection and depression.

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