How to do online railway reservation using irctc: Video Tutorial

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Railway ticket booking is a 3-step process which includes,

  1. Searching of trains and berth availability
  2. Entering passenger information
  3. Making payment

In the post, we’ll first understand the ticket booking procedure in detail and then do a reservation in real. Before we dive-in, grab yourself a coffee, be comfortable and start reading.

Step 1. Searching trains and checking seat availability

Login to, enter station names and journey date. Click ‘Submit’ to view train list.

In the train list appearing on right, click on class name – 1ac, 2ac, 3ac, sleeper, 2s or chair card, against the train name to view seat availability.

Click ‘Book Now’ below the berth availability status to start ticket booking.

Step 2. Entering Passenger Information

Second step in train reservation is entering of passenger information – name, age, berth preference in the page that appears. Below down the page, enter phone number of one of the travelling passengers.

Enter Captcha text and proceed forward clicking ‘Next’.

Step 3. Do Payment

On the payment page, select the payment mode – netbanking, credit card or debit card.

Once the payment is done, ticket will be booked and it’ll appear on the screen from where it can be printed. SMS will also be sent to the entered phone number.

That ends the online railway reservation process. Now take a look at this video where we book railway ticket following the steps mentioned as above,

Few Important Information

  1. Always book confirmed ticket. If a waiting list ticket isn’t confirmed till chart preparation its automatically cancelled and passengers can’t board the train. Rule for irctc booking is slightly different from booking through reservation counters.
  2. Both confirmed and waiting list tickets can be cancelled but not confirmed tatkal tickets.
  3. On a single railway ticket ie on one PNR, a maximum of 6 passengers can travel. For tatkal quota, the limit is of 4 passengers.
  4. Passengers can travel using SMS sent by irctc or saved PDF/JPEG/Word file of ticket on mobile, tablet or laptop. Not compulsory to carry paper ticket.
  5. For a tatkal quota ticket, entering id-number of one of the travelling passenger is compulsory. This id proof must be shown in real to the TTE at the time of journey.
  6. Additional charge of Rs ~10 is levied by bank and payment gateways on irctc bookings.

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