How to Keep Hair Healthy with Proper Hair Care Routine: 10 Great Tips

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Hair is a vital aspect of women’s beauty and keeping it healthy is important. A caress through it should be effortless and soothing, and for that having a proper hair care routine is important.


A little extra time and effort spent in taking take care of hair can go a long way in keeping them shiny and healthy. Let us try and follow the steps below to flaunt those luscious locks,

1. Analyze your Hair

Before you start a hair care regimen, you must analyze the texture of your hair – fine, coarse, thick, dull, damaged etc. and choose the products that work the best for you.

2. Use a Good Shampoo

For healthy hair, always use a shampoo that suits your hair. Shampoos for all hair types are available in the market. When applying, massage your scalp thoroughly using a small portion of the shampoo diluted with running water.

3. Team-up a Conditioner

Use the same brand of conditioner as the shampoo. They are generally available in sets. If you are using a regular conditioner, rinse it off thoroughly. For leave in conditioners, follow the instructions up to the last rinse.

4. Try the Professional series

Coloured, highlighted and permed hair have special needs and require special care. Use conditioners best suited for them, preferably of the professional range. They contain special formulae to deal with extra chemicals and prevent the hair from going dry very quickly.

5. De-Tangle your Hair

Always use your fingers or wide toothed combs to go tangle free. Avoid combing wet hair. Use a large brush for curly hair, paddle brush for straight hair and a smaller round brush for short hair while setting it when dry.

6. Spray the Right Products

Using chemicals is not really good for your hair, however, using a heat protector before a hot iron or curler, and applying a drop of hair serum to knotted or tangled hair could do more good than harm.

7. Nourish your Hair ( & The Oil Message )

Your hair needs natural products and oils to help it grow and stay strong. Massage your head using your fingers, after dabbing warm oil into the scalp, using a cotton ball to spread it evenly across.

8. Abandon Hair Styling Kits

Kits to set your hair or tools to straighten or curl your hair should be avoided on a daily basis. The heat produced by them might damage your hair to levels beyond repair. While blow dried look perfect and flawless, it is a good practice to air dry them the natural way.

9. If Styling, Create Sections

No matter what brands say but styling is not good for hair. But on occasions, whenever you think of styling your hair, avoid pulling your hair with the comb. Instead, section your hair, hold one end of the section and run your comb down gently. After that, proceed with the style section-wise.

10. Eat Well: Healthy Body, Healthy Hair

Hair is a reflection of your health. The healthier you are, the healthier your hair will be. Take care of them from the beginning. Eat a well balanced diet and have foods that are high in proteins. Have enough fluids to keep you fresh and energized throughout the day.


Good hair means good investment in terms of care and time. Make sure you formulate a hair care routine that works the best for you. Stick to it and see how your hair gets better and healthier by the day.

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