How to Increase Your Income with Part-time work while Doing a Regular Job?

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Most regular jobs in India have a horrendous pay scale. The earnings of a middle class commoner would barely suffice their daily needs, let alone turn into savings. This scenario leaves people wondering how much better their lives could be if they could earn a few more bucks every month. That pain is quite understandable and keeping that in mind, here are five ways you can make some extra cash during your free time.

1. Become a real estate/ LIC agent:

An LIC agent connects a client with the agency, getting them to buy their products. In return you get a commission based on the value of product the client has signed up for. The amount of money you can earn is only capped by the number of clients you bring onboard. To become an LIC agent you will need to contact an LIC office closest to your area, and fill an application form. 

You will have to undergo a short training before you are handed your license. A real estate agents job is also quite similar, except they connect prospective buyers and sellers of various properties.  For this you will need to have knowledge of the market values of various properties and a well maintained circle of contacts. This will also require you to take a short training and pass an exam before getting your license.

2. Invest in Share Market:

The first thing that comes to mind when you see the term share market is ‘risk’. It is true that any investment into share market comes with a considerable amount of risk. But if you do your research, gain the market knowledge and take the necessary precautions, this could potentially become a bigger source of income than your regular job.

You will have to create a Demat account and a trading account with share brokers. After this everything depends on how and where you choose to invest. A wise long term investment almost always has promising returns. However, don’t get too carried away and take unnecessary risks as this might prove hazardous.

3. Singing, dancing or magic shows at hotels/parties:

Hotels at popular venues attract a lot of tourists. To keep their guests entertained and to enhance their popularity, many hotels constantly look to organize various live entertainment programs. If you have your own band of artists or even if you’re alone with creative skills and talent, you can look for opportunities to showcase your skills at nearby hotels and make good money with it. Most hotels announce an opening for performance slots on their website and you can set a date for screening before they let you perform on the actual stage. You can do this over the weekends or other breaks, and depending on the hotel you can easily earn a few thousand rupees every time you perform. You can also look for similar openings at various private parties also.

4. Contributing to magazines/ newspapers:

Despite the massive surge in popularity of the digital media, the conventional newspapers and magazines have remained just as prevalent. If anything, the material of these publications have become more open to outside sources. It is now possible for anyone to contribute an article or illustration for a news publisher and get paid for it. If you are able to deliver regular good quality content, you might also get hired on a part time basis. Based on the standard of the publisher and quality of your work, it is possible to earn few hundreds/thousands for each of your contribution.

5. By Freelancing:

Internet has made getting work done a lot easier. Many companies and even individuals prefer to hire freelancers for their short term works. Freelancing simply means you offer your services to anyone who’s willing to pay a price. This could be anything from copy writing to coding/designing websites to developing software and apps. You will be surprised as to how many skills are on demand. There are many websites like upwork or GURU that help connect a freelancer with a client. You just have to sign up, create a profile and start bidding on projects that suit your skills and have an acceptable payment.

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