Importance of DIN & How to get DIN number online instantly

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DIN Importance & How to get DIN number online instantlyDIN or Director Identification Number is issued by central ministry for corporate affairs to existing director or a person intending to become director of a firm in future.

Obtaining DIN number is compulsory for all directors within a specified time-frame failing of which may invite corporate-level action.

DIN number identifies an individual in corporate world and companies he runs or is associated with.

Why DIN is important?

There are cases where a startup generates fund from investors and runs away with the money. To stop such frauds, DIN number is allotted to directors of existing as well as under-registration companies so that their activities can be monitored.

DIN number ensures the individual is always under the vigilance of corporate ministry and never indulge in fraudulent activities.  If they get indulged in any wrongdoing, they can be traced.

Just like a company needs registration, a director needs DIN number for his authentication.

How to get DIN number?

  1. Go to MCA 21 website and download eForm1 pdf form. Fill the form entering your personal information like name, father name, address. Also upload a passport size photograph, id and address proof, digital signature by practicing CA/CS/ICWA and an self-attested affidavit.
  2. After the application is filled, go to the website and register yourself to get a login id.
  3. Login to your newly created account and upload the completed form.
  4. Next do the payment of Rs 100 online from your account to compete the process of DIN application.
  5. After payment is done successfully, your DIN application will be submitted. The application is checked online and DIN number is allotted instantly but in some cases, it may take upto 2 days to get DIN number.
  6. DIN status can be checked online on the MCA21 website.

I’ve got the DIN number, what next?

After getting DIN, you have to fill Form2 and submit to the company you’re associated with. It must be done within 30 days of receiving the DIN.  The company will then include your DIN in its official records.

Next your company must submit your DIN to ROC or the registrar of companies of your state within 2 days. This is done using Form 3 and must be filled and forwarded by your company only.

This will complete the entire process and your DIN number will get linked to your company records, and the ministry of corporate affairs will get notified of this once it’s submitted at the ROC office.

Correction in DIN number

If you need to make address change or any other sort of correction in your DIN records, fill Form4 and submit online through the MCA21 website from your account. On successful updation of information, changes must be notified to the company and ROC asap.

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