How Vaastu Shashtra Can Bring Money, Happiness and Prosperity

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We all want to be filthy reach. No matter how much we have, having some more money never hurts. Right? And how can we get that additional money? Simple! By following proper Vaastu practices. Here are some tips you can follow to make sure that your Vaastu is attuned to attract wealth, happiness, and prosperity.

Placement of water bodies

Make sure that you don’t construct swimming pool or any water body that is lower than the ground level in the South-west direction. This is applicable for your homes, offices and all other buildings.

Placement of lockers

Take special care in the placement of the lockers or the cupboards that contain your money and always place them close to the South or to the South West wall is such a way that their doors open towards the North direction.

Put lockers away from beam

Make sure that the lockers are not placed under any type of beam as this can put a financial strain on you. Fake ceilings many times hide the beams and can work good if you have to get rid of that unwanted beam. Placement of a mirror in front of the cash locker is also considered auspicious.

Keep the North-east direction clutter free

Keeping mess out of the North-east direction and making sure that there is no constructions in the form of stairs or cupboards in that direction help in increasing the influx of incoming wealth. Also, avoid the placement of any type of heavy machinery in the direction.

Tips for the exteriors

Make sure that there are no high-rise buildings or temples situated in the North-east direction of your home or office. If this is completely unavoidable try to make sure that the shadow from these buildings doesn’t fall on your home/office.

Tips for the plot

Always make sure that the plot is at a similar or a higher elevation as compared to the surrounding roads. Planting of tall trees on the South-west side of the plot also helps in improving the Vaastu. Not only does it leads to financial gain, but it also helps in making sure that you avoid mishaps and there is increased stability in your family. Avoid planting tall trees on the North-east side of the plot.

Significance of the Brahmasthan

It is very important that you avoid any form of construction at the centre of the house. Try to keep it as open as possible. You can keep your temple there. The centre of the house is very important for the flow of energy through the place and is called the Brahmasthan.

Other tips for the general upkeep of the house

It is very important that you repair any leaking taps or faucets in your house. Try to keep all the doors and the windows of the house clean. Keep a fish aquarium on the North-east portion of the living room of your house. Make sure that the aquarium is clean and well aerated. Decorating the entrance door of your house signifies influx of wealth and prosperity.

Follow these simple Vaastu tips and you will see the results of the positivity that they bring.

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