How to Throw a ‘Perfect’ Dinner Party at Home – Few Useful Tips

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Throwing a dinner party at home is always fun! It’s a great way to catch up with those you haven’t met in a while and spend quality time with them. Sounds good, right? However, in order to ensure everybody has a good time (including you), you must plan everything in advance. Here are a few easy tips:

1) Keep the guests minimum

Having more people is great to make the party look lively but it strips down the time that everyone spends with each other. Make a list of 6 to 8 people who you think would get along well and roll the ball.

2) Make the invites in advance

People are busy. No matter how close you are to someone, it is possible that they might have a very important task on a particular day. So make sure you call them up at least few days in advance and fix a comfortable date.

3) Carefully plan the menu

Your food is what people are going to talk about even after they leave. Make sure the dishes aren’t too oily and include some light but tasty snacks too! If you are planning to cook meat, ask food preferences of the guests beforehand.

4) Prepare the food in advance

To avoid unnecessary stress and last minute chaos, you are better off preparing the food a few hours before the party starts. This will also give you enough time to attend your guests.

5) Arrange the Table

Stack it up with all the essentials; spoons, forks, glasses, plates, and napkins. Also, ensure they are arranged in their proper places. This would make the dinner table look much more attractive.

6) Stock enough essentials

It’s okay to run out of a certain food item at some point but ending up with no water or ice for drinks could be an instant party breaker. Make sure to over stock these.

7) Drinks

Having alcohol is completely fine if you don’t mind the extra cost but makes sure to keep up some non-alcoholic drinks for those who are non-alcoholic.

8) Music

Light music is almost a must at any party. Get some classics or popular tracks that are more likely to be enjoyed by everyone. Also, make it easy for any of the guests to change the tracks or add one of their own.

9) Start serving early

 The main essence of a dinner party is, well, food. So keep it in focus, start the serving early so everyone got time to taste all the dishes and even get some snacks later on.

10) Keep the menu wide

You don’t necessarily have to make a lot of dishes but whatever you make, keep them balanced out. Have as many vegetarian dishes as non-veg and add a few chutneys. And of course, 1 or 2 courses of desserts after food.

11) Entertainment

Plan some kind of entertainment program after the dinner. A movie could be great and works well with most guests. If there are kids, arranging some interactive games could be quite fun.

12) Keep things light

A dinner party is supposed to be fun. Keep the atmosphere jovial at all times and avoid sensitive topics. If something goes wrong, a spill maybe, just brush it off. It’s no big deal.

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