How to Survive Summers in India – Some Amazing Tips

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The filthy summer is here and no matter what you do, there is no escape. Thankfully, you can survive summers easily by following these amazing tips:

Use umbrella whenever you go out

When you are out in the heat, your head is most prone to heatstroke. Wearing a cap or a scarf or taking along an umbrella will definitely help.

Try the zero Haircut

Prefer short hairstyles, as voluminous hair can cause sweating in your head. If not for heat prevention, this can give you a makeover for sure.

Prevent eyes from getting exposure to the Sun

During the summers, the intensity of UV radiations is quite high. Using sunglasses will prevent your eyes from harmful exposure as well as makes it easier for you to keep your eyes open while stepping out of home

Wear wet T-shirts

This is probably one of the most important things that you have to take into deep consideration. Wetting your clothes, especially the neckerchief is also useful in keeping the body temperatures down. First of all, try to wear clothes that cover the most amount of skin. This will prevent over exposure to sunlight and prevent excessive sweating. Also, make sure that you wear light coloured clothes. It is simple science, the darker clothes you wear the more radiation it will absorb. Other things, like wearing neckerchiefs are also beneficial.

Drink summer drinks like aam-panna, pudina-jaljeera, neembu-shikanji

It is scientifically proven that drinking Chaach, AamPanna, Shikanji, Lassi, and Tender Coconut Water can keep your body well-hydrated during the deadly summers. These drinks are very good for your health and prevent the onset of a heatstroke and along with the health benefits they taste amazing too!

Keep yourself properly hydrated

In the summer season, your body looses a lot of water through sweat. Drinking 5-6 litres of water is a must in a day. With sweat you also lose a lot of salts and minerals from your body and to compensate the loss, drinking a sachet of electrolyte by dissolving it in water is advisable.

Enjoy mangoes—you will forget everything else

The summer season bring with it the amazing mangoes. In India, there are a lot of varieties of the fruit that you can find all over the country. You can just enjoy this fruit and forget all about the summer heat.

Eat light

Avoid overly spiced and fried food in this season. Eating light will conserve the energy in your body and help you combat the heat.

Using table fan with water supply

Use of coolers, Air conditioners and table fan that comes with a water supply is also recommended. 

Freeze your pillow covers and bed sheets

Freezing your pillow covers and bed sheets and using ice packs to keep yourself cool is also a good option especially when you are looking for a good night’s worth of sleep.

Keep your house dark

Make sure that the curtains of the house are drawn. Keeping the house dark does help in keeping the temperature low.

Visit a water park

If nothing of the above-mentioned tips seems to help, visit a water park and enjoy the cold water flowing through your body. You will surely forget everything else.

With these tips, you can definitely combat the summer heats and keep your body as well as mind cool.

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