How to Occupy Children During Holidays?

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Holidays are the most exciting part of the year for any child. It’s that time of the year when the children can stay relaxed with no pressure of their studies and the usual back-breaking school routine. As important as it is for the children to stay relaxed during the vacations, it is also important for them to be occupied with something useful, learning, and most importantly safe.

There are many activities which you can engage your little ones in and re-energize their spirits along with a chance to bring out the child in you. In fact holidays can also be used as a time when you can strengthen your bonding with your kids. Read on to get a few ideas:

1. Firstly, limit the time spent in front of the ‘Idiot Box’

Children tend to watch a lot of TV during their holidays which could affect their eyes as well as health by making them lazy. Also the programs they watch on TV when not monitored might affect their behavior. So it is important to keep a tab on what kids watch on TV and set a time limit for TV viewing. If at all, children have nothing else to do except watching television, subscribe for some learning channels and use child-lock for channels not suitable for them.

2. More of physical games, less of video games & PlayStation

The children of the current generation are more into digital video games and PlayStations . When busy with these games, they don’t even bother to go out and play games that involve physical activities which are healthier and obviously more enjoyable than virtual games. So get your children to indulge in outdoor sporting activities. To begin with, you can take an active part in the games along with them.

3. Summer camps and workshops

Summer camps and workshops are a great way to help children spend their vacation time productively. Summer camps involve kids in various kinds of activities, both physical and mental like sports camps, meditation camps, photography and so on that can be a great learning experience for them.

4. Hobby classes

Consider enrolling your kid into a hobby class like painting, art, music, dance, a DIY classes or any specific class that you know interest your child. You can also use this time to learn about your child’s hobbies and let him pursue it.

5. Yoga for better health

Yoga is a proven way to keep one fit and energized. Introducing kids to Yoga at a young age makes their bodies flexible and helps them to stay healthy and active. Yoga is also good for a kid’s mental well being.  In the current age of minimal physical activity, yoga can be a really good option.

6. Stop by at the grandma’s

Remember those days when you used to spend your entire holidays with your grandparents? Being at our grandparents’ place was such a joy during our childhood. Getting pampered with all the home-made snacks, their love and affection, meeting all the cousins, and not to miss the granny’s stories. So let your kid spend some quality time with their grandparents who can teach them about our culture and traditions. It is also an important in making them social.

7. Introduce the ‘lost’ games of your generation

There are many games which we all would have played during our childhood. Teach them games like Kabaddi, kho-kho, gilli-danda, kite-flying which they surely will love.

8. Go on a trek or camping

Take your kids on a trek or a nature walk or camp on a hill-station. Spending time amidst nature has many health benefits and also it is essential to be in a place that is calm and away from the hustle-bustle of the city and more importantly has no pollution.

9. Involve in community service/volunteering

Take your children out to visit an orphanage or an old-age home. This will help them appreciate the luxury they enjoy in their life as well as teach them the importance of providing service to the needy. Involve them in volunteering activities which would make them grow responsible.

10. Teach about animals

Teach kids to be compassionate about animals by visiting an animal shelter and if possible you might adopt a pet. Teach them to respect other creatures.

11. Good touch/bad touch

With so many perverts all around in our society, it is very important to teach kids to differentiate between a good touch and a bad one. Holidays are a good time to do so Teach them to report any kind of ‘bad’ behavior immediately.

12. Plan a trip somewhere

Buy a holiday package and make a short trip. Be it within the country or outside, spending quality time at new location would surely energize your kids. Choose a location where kids can see new things and have fun.

13. Inculcate better ideas and habits

Even during holidays, kids can be asked to attend sports, programming or pre-school coaching classes if he’s willing to. Spending an hour learning something new is not a bad idea. It’ll also teach the child that vacation doesn’t mean you’ve got nothing to do except playing and having fun.

14. Take them for fair, local landmarks

If not going far, take your kids to the local museum, or to some bird sanctuary or zoo, or for a cricket or football match to watch during weekends. Kids love the heart-pumping stuff.

15. Enhance creativity

Encourage kids to use their brain to solve Sudoku, Rubik’s cube, or a challenging maths problem. This enhances the cognitive abilities of your kid. With so much competition around, it’s important that kids develop creativity and not just remain limited to bookish knowledge.

16. Give a challenge

Ask your child to eat more than you if he’s lean or challenge him to run faster than you if he’s little heavy. Obviously you’re gonna win but your child would still give it a try to beat you. It’s a great way of having few smiles around and building a good, healthy relationship with your child. It’s also a great way of igniting the winning spirit in kid.

17. Talk to your Child

Your kid won’t talk about your office-work but you can definitely act and talk childish with him. During holidays, when your kid comes back home playing the entire day under the sun, you engage in short-discussion asking about how many runs and goals he scored. Playing pranks, acting like ghosts and doing activities likable to him is a good way of spending quality time with your kid. This would also instill the habit of having regular interaction with father (and mother) in him.

These are just a few of the ideas to keep your kid occupied during the vacations. Also make sure not to involve them in too many activities and just let them enjoy their vacations and get back to school all charged up!!

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