How to Implement Vaastu at Office? Some Easy Tips

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The science of Vaastu doesn’t just apply to your home but is equally relevant for your office too! Attuning proper Vaastu practices at your workplace can bring positivity and drive success. However, the application of Vaastu at the office is a lot different from its application in a household.

Here are some tips that you can follow to implement Vaastu at office:

Vaastu for Interior of the Office

Location of managing director’s cabin

His cabin should be in the South-west quadrant of the complex with the desk facing towards the North. The table should be in the extreme South-west of the room with the door at the North-east.

Location of the cabin of the second in command

He should occupy the South or the West quadrant of the complex. If he is in a Southern room then he should face towards the North and towards the East in the Western room.

Location of the finance manager

The North or the East quadrant is considered most auspicious for the placement of the cabin. These corners are considered to have an enhancing effect on the growth of finances.

Location for counters and sales staff

The sales people should be facing towards either the West or the South directions. The North-west direction is considered the best for the sales staff.

Location for the human resources department

The administration, including the human resources department, is best placed in the East direction.

Placement of showcases and cupboards

The best placement for racks, showcases and cupboards is against the Western or the Southern walls.

Location of the reception

The North-west direction is the best for placing the reception. It helps in reflecting a positive energy to anyone entering the office premises and reaching the reception

Location of the technical staff

South-east is considered to be the most auspicious direction for the placement of the technical staff.

Vaastu for the Exterior of the Office

A rectangular or a square plot is recommended for the placement of the office building. If the front of the plot is wider than the rear, more customers will be attracted towards the building.  Other than this, it is also very important that the surroundings of the buildings are taken into proper consideration. T points and proximity to graveyards should be avoided. If the building is placed between two taller buildings, it is also considered inauspicious. For a shop, entrance towards the South-west should be avoided as it leads to financial issues.

Other General Tips

Clutter should be avoided at all costs. Natural light and ventilation should be promoted as it brings about positive energy to the office. Placement of images of gods and deities to the right of the mirrors is considered auspicious in the financial point of view.

It is very important that both the house and the office are in perfect harmony as far as Vaastu is concerned. An office that follows these tips properly will definitely have a harmonious and productive environment.

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