How To Give Up Your LPG Subsidy ? Complete Process Explained!

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On April 3rd, 2015 our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi launched the ‘GiveitUp’ movement, requesting all those who can afford it to let go of their LPG subsidies provided by the government so that the extra money can be used to help the BPL(Below Poverty Line) families. While some happily complied, some protest that it is their right to claim the subsidy and they have no reason to back out and few have absolutely no idea as to what the ‘Giveitup’ movement is. Yes, it is our right and we are not being forced to forfeit. It is merely a humble movement to help improve the living conditions of the unprivileged. A few hundred bucks would not make much difference to a commoner but could result in significant improvement in the living standards of those with lower incomes. As for those who don’t yet know of this initiative, If you’re a subsidy holder and wish to help out by paying for your gas without the subsidy thereby using the extra money to help bring it to those who cannot afford it, here’s how:

First, go to . Whether you are subscribed to BHARAT, HP or INDANE gas, you can proceed from this site. Now hover your mouse on the cylinder image of your gas provider in the center of the page and you will see a list pop up with four options.


Click on this option to receive a soft copy of a form asking for your details like distributor name, district, state, consumer number etc. Print this form, fill it and submit it to your local distributor.


Send an SMS with text ‘GIVEITUP’ to the numbers specified by each distributor.  7738299899 for Bharat Gas, 9766899899 for HP Gas and 8130792899 for Indane Gas. But note that you will have to send this only through the number you’ve registered with the distributor.


Select the online option on your distributor and you will be redirected to their site, where you will need to enter your LPG ID or alternatively your Aadhaar number or bank details and continue on according to the specified directions by choosing ‘click to give up my LPG subsidy’.


All three distributors have apps for android devices. You can also give up the subsidy by downloading the app in play store and selecting the give up LPG subsidy option. But note that you will have to be registered with the specific distributor only.

Once you’ve chosen to give up the subsidy you will be asked if you’d like to be mentioned on the Scroll of Honor, a list of all the people who have decided to join the movement. This is your decision to make and if you wish you can stay anonymous.

However, if you have little bit of doubt about whether the subsidy you have given up is actually being used or not, then you need worry as the details of the person who got your subsidy will be sent to you through sms.

Every consumer who leaves their subsidy will essentially have helped light up many other homes. If you can afford it, please do not think further and help make this vision a reality.

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