How to Get High Paying Job in India

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One of India’s biggest woes is unemployment. There are millions of engineers, lawyers, accountants and other potential professionals passing out every year but many of them fail to get a decent working opportunity. The pay scale in many companies is very low and companies paying decent amount only select the best candidates. This could partly be blamed on the government but many students are also responsible for their unemployment.

Everyone wants a high paying job, but few actually work towards it. The over-emphasis on grades and lack of other essential skills would only make an aspiring candidate a very poor option as a recruit. Employers would be willing to pay you more if you could offer them more. And how can you do that? Essentially, by following this:

Work on your communication skills:


This is probably the most important and often an overlooked aspect when it comes to scoring a job. No matter how good you are at what you do, if you fail to communicate, you won’t be heard. Effective communication is a must during interviews and in the working environment. Therefore, it is important that you work to improve your communication skills. Watch online tutorials, rehearse interviews with your friends, speak in front of mirror or do whatever you can do to improve your communication. As long as you can clearly project your ideas upon others, you will be at a great advantage.

Gain knowledge about your working area:

While it’s impressive to clearly convey what you know, it is also important to make sure that what you know is actually what is needed. Every top company would look for quality of knowledge in their employees. It is essential that you have a clear understanding of your field. Knowing and being able to apply that knowledge in the right way coupled with good communication could take you a long way.

Enhance your personality:


This is again a much underestimated aspect while approaching employment. A confident person with a humble attitude  is almost always liked by his peers and his chances to grow are significantly higher.  You can attend personality development classes and observe the behavior of someone whom you admire.

Write a professional resume:

While growing in a sector is one thing, getting in is another challenge altogether. This is where your resume plays a very critical role. It basically reflects who you are professionally… A good resume may not guarantee a job but definitely makes the journey a lot easier. A strong resume helps creating a strong first impression and help portray your achievements in a positive light.

Learn time management:

Corporate work environment is highly competitive. It is highly important that you are able to manage multiple aspects of your life and work effectively. Being able to complete or incorporate a project within a certain time frame is extremely important. Start with managing your day schedule. And keep on adding new things to your schedule. Once you start managing your time efficiently, you will realize how much time you actually have.

Be a team player:

United hands isolated on white background

United hands isolated on white background

Arguably the most crucial characteristic any professional should possess. The ability to effectively work as a team can make any work a lot more efficient. A team player is always more likely to get promoted faster. Differences with peers, if any, should be sorted out wisely and you should never allow personal grudges come in between your employment.

Have strong decision making skills:

Being able to make the right choices could be life changing in more than one way. This is important on both a professional and personal level. Taking the right opportunity could get you a lot more. Also being able to take the right decisions quickly in a team is very critical. Taking quick and firm decisions over small matter in life can help improving your decision making ability.

Acquire leadership qualities:


If you thought leadership qualities are always inbuilt, you are wrong. If tried, it can be acquired as well. A good leader is hard to come by and if found would often be highly regarded. Once you are in a company, your ability to inspire others, take initiatives and co-ordinate actions can boost your career tremendously. These are the kind of people who are potential CEO candidates.

If you work on yourself, there will be a long list of people waiting for you to work for them. Start working today!

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