Earn Money from Home: 25 Part-time Jobs for Housewives & Students

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    1. Earn Money from Home: 25 Part-time Jobs for Housewives & Students
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It is never too late or early to earn money! It doesn’t matter whether you are a housewife or a student, you still can earn money and finance your needs and luxuries yourself. Read on to know how. Listed down are some of the part time jobs which the housewives and students can do it online and offline and earn significant amount of money on a regular basis.

Part-time Jobs for Housewives and Students

1. Part time Blogger

If you are interested in writing, becoming a part time blogger can help you earn significant amount of money. You just require creating your website and sharing your experience, interests, tips, interesting topic knowledge, opinion etc. When people will read your blog, you will earn money. As simple as that!

Also you can apply for part-time writer on reputable websites like WikiHow, Yahoo, BuzzFeed, Behance, Blogher, Cyberhowto and many others.

2. Affiliate Marketing

An extremely good part time job prospect is affiliate marketing, wherein you simply need to promote the products of certain businesses. You will not have to worry about handling the customers, maintaining the products, shipping etc. All you have to do is promote the products and get paid big sum of money.

Website offering affiliate marketing include e-commerce giants like Flipkart, Snapdeal, Amazon, web hosting services like Hostgator, GoDaddy and many others.

3. Clicking Advertisements

Get paid for clicking advertisements! Doesn’t it sound extremely easy and simple? Well, you can earn up to Rs. 10,000 per month by just clicking thee advertisements and watching it for 15 to 30 seconds. Simply explore online and you can find dozens of websites that offer clicking advertisements job. You can choose a trusted name and earn well by just devoting an hour or two every day!

4. Online Surveys

Here, you will have to give your opinion about different products or services and get paid handsomely for it. Businesses use the survey data to enhance their product quality; so it surely seems as a lucrative job option.

5. Part-time Photographer

Take beautiful photos and sell them to image selling websites like Shutterstock, Getty, Fotolia, Dinodia, or popular magazines/news websites like Times Of India, Cricinfo or simply post it over your website and offer it for sale or usage rights for a fee. By this way, you cannot just feed your hobby but also earn money in the process.

Websites are willing to pay big bucks for awesome pictures – like a front shot of a roaring lion, sunset over mountain with reflection of lake, closeups of celebrities or some event. One good photograph can earn you hundreds of dollars.

6. Part time Consultant

If you are qualified and have experience in your particular field, become a part time consultant and hold a successful part time career.

7. Part time Beautician

If you have done a beauty course, you can open a small beauty parlor in your home. You can give beauty tips and offer facial, haircuts, manicure, pedicure etc. to the neighboring ladies and earn well with limited investment.

8. Online Tutor

With the easy availability of Skype, you can become an online tutor. If you a subject market expert, you can even offer consultancy services.

9. Freelance Content Writing

If you have good writing skills, then you can become a freelance content writer. Just search for freelance content writing jobs online and pave way to a successful career.

10. Candle Maker

Today, candle making is an extremely lucrative part time job. You just need to enroll in a candle making class and in just 2 to 4 weeks you can learn the art of candle making. Buy attractive molds and create designer and fragrance candles and become a successful part time entrepreneur.

11. Insurance Agent

If you do not have the inclination or time to go for full-time job, you can choose to become an insurance agent. Just allocate 2-3 hours a day to persuade the potential customers to buy the insurance policy and you can receive lifelong commissions from the insurance agency! Just reach out to nearest branch of any insurance company and enroll yourself and start earning. Its that simple.

12. Home Tutor

Providing tuition is one of the best part-time job for housewives. They can teach Maths, Science, English or anything subject to local children for few hours in the evening and earn well. Most parents prefer female teachers for their children since women are considered more caring.

13. Part time Office Jobs

The housewives and students, who can devote 3-4 hours a day for work, can look for part time office jobs. They can search the famous job portals and look for part time office jobs that pay well.

14. Part time Faculty

Most of the colleges and schools look for part time faculty members. If you are qualified and good at teaching, you can post your resumes to nearby colleges and schools and you are sure to get positive replies from few of them.

15. Home based Bakery

If you are good in baking, you can start your bakery from home. Take orders over phone or online and convert your part time business into a successful venture. Sharing recipe through blog and videos on YouTube is another option to increase income.

16. Filling Forms/Data Entry Jobs

If your typing speed is good, you can look for filling forms or data entry jobs online. Just devote few hours daily and ensure a great part time career. There are ample data-entry part time jobs available and they reward good as well. You can search for such jobs on Craigslist.

17. Jewelry Maker

Today, people love to buy handmade jewelries that appear unique and beautiful. You can make few samples and sell it to a local store. If people love your jewelry, you will get significant orders.

18. Translator

If you know other languages apart from English, you can easily become a language translator. You can get in touch with translation companies and they will send you documents, certificates, texts etc. which you need to convert into a different language. Needless to say, you will be paid well for the job.

19. Play Games

Is it actually true that you get paid for playing games? Well, yes! Some of the gaming companies require people to test their games. So, play games and get great rewards!

20. Event Planner

Do people often credit you for your excellent planning skills? Now you can convert it into a part time job! Offer your event planning services to organize birthday parties, farewell parties, get-togethers or any other event. If you are good in your job, you will soon become popular via word of mouth!

21. Day care for children

If you love children, you can plan to open a child day care. You can start the day care in your home and advertise it locally. Take care of the children after school till their parents return back from work. You will not only enjoy your day with kids, but can earn good sum of money for the job as well.

22. Dance Teacher

Earn well via opening a dance school at home. You can teach the neighboring children different dance forms during your free hours, after work or college, and make money on the go. Putting training videos on YouTube can also fetch you some extra bucks.

23. Home based Craft Teacher

Teach the art of making candles, ceramic art, decorative gifts, photo frames, posters and so on from your home. If you are good at the job, you will find the candidates increasing who wish to learn craft making from you.

24. Music Teacher

If you an expert in playing a musical instrument like guitar, casino, saxophone or any other instrument, you can convert your experience into a successful part time career. You can teach the interested people in the evening or morning, the time that suits you the best. Also you can out tutorial on YouTube and earn money from ads through Adsense.

25. Designing Handmade Invitations

Start a successful part time career by designing handmade invitations. You can begin with creating invitations for kids’ birthday parties and house warming parties and slowly turn to a rewarding part time job. You can also start a small part-time business with designing work done by you and getting it printed by Vistaprint and delivering the final product to client.

These are only very few of those hundreds of part-time jobs for housewives and students that are available. These jobs allow them to earn money very much comparable to regular jobs.

Note: Craigslist.org, Fiverr.com, Freelancer.com are 3 of the best sources for searching part-time jobs. They provide you a client base of almost entire world and you can just provide them services right from your home, with money crediting directly to your bank account.

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