Download Bollywood Movies for Free (Video Tutorial)

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While we all love watching Bollywood blockbusters, we don’t like spending money on them in buying DVDs. Free stuff isn’t bad but getting these free stuff is a painstaking task if you don’t know the right place to find. So if you’re a movie buff like me, constantly searching for free Bollywood movies for download then you’re at the right place.

We not only tell how easily you can download free Bollywood movies online but also get those difficult-to-find softwares and action-packed Hollywood blockbusters.

Stepwise Guide

  1. Download utorrent which is a software for downloading torrent files. Install it after download.
  2. Go to a torrent search engine – https://torrentz.e, or do a Google search with ‘torrent search engine’ to find lots of other similar sites.
  3. Enter the Bollywood movie name. You may also search for software, Hollywood movies or anything else you wish to download for free.
  4. Search results will show up, all these sites contain torrent files for downloading the searched movie. Select one link from the results.
  5. Download the torrent (.torrent) file from the website.
  6. Once the download finishes, open it and movie will start downloading in the utorrent software just installed.
  7. Once the downloading finishes, open the file and enjoy your Bollywood blockbuster for free with your entire family.

Note: Downloading copyrighted content is illegal, make sure you’re downloading free, non-copyrighted stuff using utorrent.

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