How to do confirm tatkal ticket booking using brokers trick: Video tutorial

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Booking a tatkal ticket is easy once you know the tricks that brokers execute. There is nothing like tatkal booking software or application, in fact just a few set of tweaks that they know and we don’t. We’ve mentioned all those in our previous blog post, now its time to apply them and see how it helps us in getting a confirmed tatkal ticket.

Before moving onto the video part, here are three important things we must know,

1. Prefilling Entries

Typing passenger information is probably the most lengthy phase. By reducing this time we can make the overall ticket booking process faster.

For this, we login on irctc half an hour or 15 minutes before tatkal timing and start doing normal, non-tatkal reservation. We select train, fill passenger information – name, age, id, phone number etc and just as the payment page appears we go back clicking ‘Replan’.

prefilling passenger information

By doing this, we trick website to think this as an incomplete process hence when we book tatkal ticket for real, some 10-15 minutes later all previously filled entries comes prefilled.

2. Know Reservation Process

Its very important to know what to do on the page that’ll load next. Searching options on page after loading can lose valuable time which is not good while doing tatkal booking.

Within a few seconds, a confirm ticket can turn into waiting list so its important to be as fast as possible. You may follow our stepwise guide to learn ticket reservation online through irctc.

3. Multiple logins

A black-hat technique that reservation agents follow is doing same ticket using different irctc accounts from different browsers on the same computer.

You can do the same by creating multiple accounts on irctc with your different Gmail and Yahoo ids.

When booking tatkal ticket online, login with all accounts on different browsers at the same time; with one on Chrome, another one on Safari or Mozilla. Prioritize one browser but keep working on all in tandem. This ensures, if booking through the priority account fails, you can continue reservation with other accounts. This can be of great help as server connectivity, auto-logout sometimes pose big problems.

These three are probably the most important tricks that irctc agents follow. If you execute these you’ll become a master in tatkal ticket booking.

Here is a video showing how I booked takal ticket online in just 1 minute,

How fast we booked?

A normal tatkal reservation of 2 passengers by a normal, non-techie guy, takes around 4 minutes. In the video above I booked it in 1.37 seconds and that too when I lost around 25 seconds when forgot entering id card number – a mistake that we all must avoid during tatkal reservation.

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