How to Catch Your Cheating Husband, Red-handed?

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So your husband is showing all the signs of a cheating partner. You are almost sure that he is cheating on you but cannot confront him until you have some solid proof. So how can you catch your cheating husband? Here is how you can catch a cheating partner red handed:

Catch Your Cheating Husband Red-handed

1. Go out for a week-long trip and drop by unannounced

Tell your husband that you are going on a week-long trip with your friends. Pack stuff, look excited and bid him goodbye. And then drop by your home over the weekend unannounced. Make sure you have a good and genuine excuse ready to be back this early that too unannounced. If your partner is cheating on you, then instead of welcoming you with a smile, he may look angry, frustrated or may even try to hide things from you. In the worst case, you may find his new girlfriend chilling at your home.

2. Check his phone

Smart phones can work as your best spy agent in case of doubt.  Deleted chat history, erased phone logs, changed security password or long (and very frequent) calls with an unknown contact can be signs of him cheating on you. And most importantly, check his Wi-fi connection logs. Find out if his phone has been connected to Wi-fi networks that you are totally unaware of.

3. Check his Computer’s Recycle Bin

If he is cheating he will be quick to delete things off from his computer and some of those deleted items may end up in the recycle bin. If you have a doubt on your husband, check his computer’s recycle fin often. Chances are that you may find some chat, photo or any other information that may lead you to important things. Following the same line, keep checking his email’s trash folder.

4. Get kinky when he least expects it

If you have doubt that your husband was spending time with his new girlfriend before heading home, try to get kinky with him as soon as he gets back home. If instead of getting turned on, he gets angry, looks irritated and pushes you away, chances are that he is already exhausted down there.

5. Follow him after a fight

If your partner has been picking up fights quite often recently and walking out of house only to come back late at night, chances are that he is using this as an excuse to meet his lover. Next time he does this, follow him secretively. This may lead you to home of his adulterous lover.

6. Install GPS device on his phone or car

Ok, this may be unethical but what he is doing isn’t ethical as well.  A GPS device can give you details about his location and whereabouts at any given time. If he is working late, check if his GPS location is same as his office location or is pointing towards the direction of his lover’s house.

7. Keyloggers

Keyloggers are software that when installed on your husband’s computer can record his every activity. From passwords he uses to websites he visits, the emails he writes, his chat messages and some paid Keylogger apps can even let you track his calls too! However, avoid doing this unless you are really (like really really) very sure of your husband cheating on you.

8. Hire a Spy

Of course, you can’t be everywhere where your husband is going. So hire someone who can be! No matter how illogical this may sound by hiring a private detective or spy to keep an eye on activities of your partner is a good idea. He can even click photographs or record him with the other woman he is meeting at the bar.

9. Check his app history

Most people who cheat their partners are smart enough to delete their browser, email, or chat history to ensure they never get caught. However, one thing many people often forget to delete is their app history. Check their app history and look for signs that may give you a hint about his infidelity. Whether it is about ordering food online to a secret address or simply checking-in to a given location.

10. Night Recorder

If he thinks you are absent minded and you keep on forgetting your phone in his car, good for you. You can install night-recorder on your phone which is an app that works even when your phone is in stand-by mode. It will record all the audio going on in and around the car. And some of these sounds may be what you were looking for all these days.

Use the above-mentioned ways to catch a cheating husband red handed and there is no way he can lie about that.

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