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How to Plan a Travel Itinerary: 7 Great Tips

Travel could be chaotic if not well-planned. It could suck the happiness of travelling out of you with all the hassle and commotion surrounding it. Planning the perfect travel itinerary may not be as difficult as you think. Organize the travel plan in your mind and laptop, follow a few tips and you are good to go! Hope these tips … Continue reading

Travel Light with Minimal Luggage During Trips: 10 Tips

Travelling is fun, but if you have big luggage and other small things to carry, it could end up in a nightmare. Think of those baggage checks at airports and the pain in finding them after arrival, and if any of them goes missing, you inadvertently end up having a rough tour. Packing a light bag and travelling without any … Continue reading

20 Local Liquors in India – Desi Daru, Mahua, Toddy, Chhang, Feni, Apong and More

Please Note: CyberHowTo discourages the consumption of alcohol and tobaccos-related products. This post is for information purpose only. When we talk about travelling, most of us are very excited about the whole prospect of going out, visiting monuments and tasting different cuisines. However, how excited are we with the idea of tasting the booze of the places that we visit. … Continue reading

How to Spice Up Boring Life: 25 Awesome Ways

Do you often feel that you are missing out on life? From rigid demands at office, exhaustive daily chores and recurring bills, life can get cynical at times. You may seem as if you are stuck in a boring and dull routine. When life feels tiring and exhaustive, it is actually a wake-up call for you to add some spice … Continue reading

IRCTC consumer complaints: 10 Common Problems Redressed

Despite being one of the biggest rail networks, Indian Railways is worst in terms of customer satisfaction. Right from booking of ticket to undertaking journey, travellers are no short of complaints. Someone finds a cockroach in food while somebody isn’t happy with the cleanliness and sanitation facilities. Problem of not getting confirmed ticket remains a persistent issue with many. 1. … Continue reading

IRCTC Online Ticket Reservation: Hidden features you don’t know

We all book railway tickets online on Its easy, instant and prevent us from tiring queues of booking counters. I’ve been doing it for more than 8 years now and in the process learnt lots of amazing things like brokers trick and clever tweaks to book confirmed tatkal tickets. In today’s post, we’ll talk about some cool features of irctc online ticket booking … Continue reading

10 Safety Tips for Women Travelling Alone in India

If you ever happen to be a solo traveler looking to discover new frontiers, chase business opportunities, fly off to the orange horizon to unwind and relax, then nothing is as important to contemplate and secure as your safety during the voyage. Sadly enough, we women do face bigger obstacles than men when travelling alone. Do Proper Planning Safety of … Continue reading

15 Tips to book confirm tatkal ticket online on irctc

Booking a tatkal ticket is nothing sort of war. You go there, try hard and return empty handed like a defeated warrior. What you’re doing wrong, is your internet connection weak, or you don’t have the trick that some brokers execute, or you’re still following the already gone ways of ticket booking. Ease a bit, lean on your sofa, relax … Continue reading

How to do confirm tatkal ticket booking using brokers trick: Video tutorial

Booking a tatkal ticket is easy once you know the tricks that brokers execute. There is nothing like tatkal booking software or application, in fact just a few set of tweaks that they know and we don’t. We’ve mentioned all those in our previous blog post, now its time to apply them and see how it helps us in getting … Continue reading

How to do online railway reservation using irctc: Video Tutorial

Railway ticket booking is a 3-step process which includes, Searching of trains and berth availability Entering passenger information Making payment In the post, we’ll first understand the ticket booking procedure in detail and then do a reservation in real. Before we dive-in, grab yourself a coffee, be comfortable and start reading. Step 1. Searching trains and checking seat availability Login to, enter … Continue reading