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How Vaastu Shashtra Can Bring Money, Happiness and Prosperity

We all want to be filthy reach. No matter how much we have, having some more money never hurts. Right? And how can we get that additional money? Simple! By following proper Vaastu practices. Here are some tips you can follow to make sure that your Vaastu is attuned to attract wealth, happiness, and prosperity. Placement of water bodies Make … Continue reading

How to Implement Vaastu at Office? Some Easy Tips

The science of Vaastu doesn’t just apply to your home but is equally relevant for your office too! Attuning proper Vaastu practices at your workplace can bring positivity and drive success. However, the application of Vaastu at the office is a lot different from its application in a household. Here are some tips that you can follow to implement Vaastu at office: … Continue reading

How to Check if Your Online Transactions are Secure?

Money is no longer limited to coins, paper notes or some other physical commodity. It has evolved to exist and to be transferred electronically over various mediums. One of the most popular mediums being the internet. One can purchase products and make the payment online or can transfer money to another person without providing actual cash. This is extremely convenient, … Continue reading

How to Register a Company in India: Complete Procedure Explained

Setting up a new company/business involves various exercises including planning business model, arranging initial funding, designing and many more.  Once these aspects are taken care of, another most important step required to bring a company’s name into existence legally in the market is by registering it.  This is one such aspect that budding entrepreneurs who excel significanly in their fields … Continue reading

How to do SBI to SBI online money transfer using SBI internet banking (Intrabank money transfer)

Online money transfer using SBI internet banking is a 2 step process. Firstly we have to add the beneficiary who is the person receiving the money and secondly do the money transfer. Adding beneficiary is a one time process after which we can start transferring funds as many times as we want. In the article, we first explain both these steps in … Continue reading

How to Recover lost/forgot SBI internet banking password in minutes?

SBI internet banking account has 2 types of passwords – account and profile password. Account password is used for login into netbanking portal while profile password is used within the portal for doing vital operations like adding & deleting beneficiaries, changing payment limits, updating personal information etc. Both are set by user at the time of first use. Since these … Continue reading

Get location using HTML5’s geolocation API and Google Maps Javascript API

If you’re building a website or app and require geographical location of users then you’re reading the right article as we’ll explain everything, right from detecting user geographical coordinates, to displaying location on Google Maps and getting postal address. Not just this, we’ll also tell a few tips on making your own GPS using the same idea. Its really simple, absolutely not … Continue reading

How to Learn Basics of Computing as a Newbie?

This is the age of computing when everything from banking to railway ticket booking is done online. Now is the time when more than ever you need to learn computing. We assume, since you are already reading this, you need a reliable no-fuss-type guidance on how to learn the basics of computing as a novice for yourself or for someone … Continue reading

How to pay electricity bill online in UP, India (Video Tutorial)

Tired of standing in long queues and seeing those lazy officials submitting electricity bills slower than molasses. If you’re an average guy I once was, now is the time to get hi-tech. All Indian states now have their separate portal for online payment of electricity bills. In the blog, Iam going to tell how I pay my electricity bill online using … Continue reading

Download Bollywood Movies for Free (Video Tutorial)

While we all love watching Bollywood blockbusters, we don’t like spending money on them in buying DVDs. Free stuff isn’t bad but getting these free stuff is a painstaking task if you don’t know the right place to find. So if you’re a movie buff like me, constantly searching for free Bollywood movies for download then you’re at the right place. … Continue reading