10 Simple Self-Defense Tips Indian Women Must Know

You must have seen it in television serials or movies- A woman is walking towards an isolated car parking. All of a sudden, a dangerous looking man appears out of nowhere and tries to grab the woman. The woman instantly kicks the guy. The guy screams in pain and woman makes a narrow escape. But life is not a movie … Continue reading

How to Catch Your Cheating Husband, Red-handed?

So your husband is showing all the signs of a cheating partner. You are almost sure that he is cheating on you but cannot confront him until you have some solid proof. So how can you catch your cheating husband? Here is how you can catch a cheating partner red handed: 1. Go out for a week-long trip and drop … Continue reading

How to Keep a Check on Your Internet Addiction?

Today, Internet has become a complete world in itself. A world with limitless information and a multitude of possibilities for any individual fortunate enough to get into it. It has made many of our tasks easier and infinitely more efficient. It became a hub for entertainment without having to move away from the comfort of your home. As beneficial as … Continue reading

How To Give Up Your LPG Subsidy ? Complete Process Explained!

On April 3rd, 2015 our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi launched the ‘GiveitUp’ movement, requesting all those who can afford it to let go of their LPG subsidies provided by the government so that the extra money can be used to help the BPL(Below Poverty Line) families. While some happily complied, some protest that it is their right to claim … Continue reading

Importance of DIN & How to get DIN number online instantly

DIN or Director Identification Number is issued by central ministry for corporate affairs to existing director or a person intending to become director of a firm in future. Obtaining DIN number is compulsory for all directors within a specified time-frame failing of which may invite corporate-level action. DIN number identifies an individual in corporate world and companies he runs or … Continue reading

How to Change Name in India – Complete Process Explained

Do you know who Shivaji Rao Gaekwad and A.S. Dileep Kumar are?? They are both among the most famous Indian film personalities. Does the names ring any bell in your mind? Alright, don’t start Googling, they are none other than Superstar Rajinikanth and Oscar winning music composer A.R Rahman. The former are their respective birth names. These are just examples … Continue reading

How to Register a Company in India: Complete Procedure Explained

Setting up a new company/business involves various exercises including planning business model, arranging initial funding, designing and many more.  Once these aspects are taken care of, another most important step required to bring a company’s name into existence legally in the market is by registering it.  This is one such aspect that budding entrepreneurs who excel significanly in their fields … Continue reading

IRCTC Online Ticket Reservation: Hidden features you don’t know

We all book railway tickets online on irctc.co.in. Its easy, instant and prevent us from tiring queues of booking counters. I’ve been doing it for more than 8 years now and in the process learnt lots of amazing things like brokers trick and clever tweaks to book confirmed tatkal tickets. In today’s post, we’ll talk about some cool features of irctc online ticket booking … Continue reading

How to Recover lost/forgot SBI internet banking password in minutes?

SBI internet banking account has 2 types of passwords – account and profile password. Account password is used for login into netbanking portal while profile password is used within the portal for doing vital operations like adding & deleting beneficiaries, changing payment limits, updating personal information etc. Both are set by user at the time of first use. Since these … Continue reading

How to Check Adulteration in Milk at Home

Milk is a common drink of our daily diet. But not every-time the milk we take is pure; it may have urea, formalin, vanaspati, starch and water as impurity. Packed milk from reputed brands as well as milk purchased from milk-vendors can be adulterated so its important to check for them before consuming. Test for adulteration in milk can be done at home … Continue reading