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Child Development from Infancy to Toddler and Adolescence: A Complete Parenting Guide

A famous proverb says ‘every time a child is born, a mother is also born’. Just like the baby is newborn, the mother is new born too! No matter how many advices and how much guidance people around give you, you have to learn being a mother. Parenthood is one of the toughest job in the world where you have … Continue reading

How to Attract Attention of your Husband Everyday: 10 Best Tips

Do you sometimes crave to go back to your dating days? Not because you were younger and fitter then, but just to re-live the amazing chemistry you and your boyfriend shared. Many women complain that few years into the marriage and their husbands don’t give them the same attention as they used to when they were courting. Of course, men … Continue reading

How to Deal with Depression Due to Broken Relationships?

The heartbroken often struggles to be at peace with self, feeling turned inside out, each fragment of time seeming frozen and the person finding no good reasons to live. In these times of depression you need a few words of apt counseling more than ever. Healing a broken heart takes time. However, one thing you need to remember throughout is … Continue reading