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How to Tackle FOMO – The Fear of Missing Out!

The era we are in, has connected us virtually, but disconnected us from the real world. With limited friends, trust issues, abundant hang outs, but hardly anyone to chill with (genuinely), we want to leave no opportunity of being present in places or occasions we want to be seen at. Little do we realize that we cannot be everywhere all … Continue reading

How to Prepare Yourself for College Life After School

As the high school term comes to an end, we can’t wait to go to the college. The thought of meeting new people, making new friends, and reading new subjects, etc start giving us goose bumps.  However, as the time gets closer, many doubts and confusions start arising. ‘What kind of people will I be paired with?’, ‘Will I be … Continue reading

How to Throw a ‘Perfect’ Dinner Party at Home – Few Useful Tips

Throwing a dinner party at home is always fun! It’s a great way to catch up with those you haven’t met in a while and spend quality time with them. Sounds good, right? However, in order to ensure everybody has a good time (including you), you must plan everything in advance. Here are a few easy tips: 1) Keep the … Continue reading

How to get Rid of Jealousy and Become a Better Person

Let us talk about jealousy with an instance which actually occurred with me in my college days. My friend Archana and I were assigned a survey project together. One day, we were sitting in our hostel room, discussion about the best ways to conduct the survey. Archana gave an ingenious idea to lead and conduct the survey. The idea was … Continue reading

How to overcome Frustration, Rejection and Depression in daily life

How many times have you logged in to Facebook and saw your friends living an awesome life.  You saw everyone looking awesome and partying hard till late in the night while you were stuck in your boring job looking like a jerk. You felt as a failure. Well, if this is you, you are not alone. In today’s world, everyone … Continue reading

How to Approach a Stranger and Start Conversation Successfully?

How many times have you tried approaching a stranger but came back disappointed because the conversation didn’t turned out as you wanted it to be? The situation is a regular affair if you are the kind of person who is hesitant or feels shy while trying to strike conversation with a stranger. Many people aren’t so good at approaching strangers. … Continue reading

How to Occupy Children During Holidays?

Holidays are the most exciting part of the year for any child. It’s that time of the year when the children can stay relaxed with no pressure of their studies and the usual back-breaking school routine. As important as it is for the children to stay relaxed during the vacations, it is also important for them to be occupied with … Continue reading

How to Tackle Physical Abuse and Bullying by Men in India

Bullying is a not an India specific problem but is a universal issue. However, what makes the problem even bigger in India is the male dominant society and ancient thinking which doesn’t seem to change much. The shameful thing is that often the girl who was abused/bullied is treated as the culprit and not the victim. Indian girls face harassment … Continue reading

How to be Safe from your ex-Boyfriend?

There is nothing like being in love. When you are in a relationship, the world seems like a beautiful place to live in. During the good times of relationship, you enjoy your boyfriend’s company, have fun, go out, and hooked up to your phone with him and what not! But have you thought about the situations/issues that might arise when … Continue reading

How to get rid of a flirty relative/family member?

We women are the most beautiful creations of God-so much so that sometimes even near and dear ones “lose it” and start flirting with us. Only God knows what gives them the courage to take such gigantic risks, risks of being exposed and tainted relationships, apart from the definite guilt of flirting with a relative ever lurking in their conscience. … Continue reading