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How to Permanently Remove Bad Breath from Mouth – Few Easy Ways

We all worry about it, no one likes to know it, but it is worse not to be aware of it. What is it? Well, it’s Bad Breath! All of us wake up in the morning with breath which is not fresh. This is due to the fact that during night the bacteria keep multiplying in our mouth. Additionally, unlike … Continue reading

How to Change Name in India – Complete Process Explained

Do you know who Shivaji Rao Gaekwad and A.S. Dileep Kumar are?? They are both among the most famous Indian film personalities. Does the names ring any bell in your mind? Alright, don’t start Googling, they are none other than Superstar Rajinikanth and Oscar winning music composer A.R Rahman. The former are their respective birth names. These are just examples … Continue reading

How to do SBI to SBI online money transfer using SBI internet banking (Intrabank money transfer)

Online money transfer using SBI internet banking is a 2 step process. Firstly we have to add the beneficiary who is the person receiving the money and secondly do the money transfer. Adding beneficiary is a one time process after which we can start transferring funds as many times as we want. In the article, we first explain both these steps in … Continue reading

How to overcome Frustration, Rejection and Depression in daily life

How many times have you logged in to Facebook and saw your friends living an awesome life.  You saw everyone looking awesome and partying hard till late in the night while you were stuck in your boring job looking like a jerk. You felt as a failure. Well, if this is you, you are not alone. In today’s world, everyone … Continue reading

What to do when you’re bored: 25 useless and useful things you can try

I am a lazy guy. No really! I am the happiest when I am doing nothing. Although seldom but boredom sometimes hits me too! If you are someone like me who is lazy and bored, here are 25 things you can do to keep yourself occupied – Sleep: The default solution to tackle boredom is to bump onto the bed, … Continue reading

How to Check Adulteration in Milk at Home

Milk is a common drink of our daily diet. But not every-time the milk we take is pure; it may have urea, formalin, vanaspati, starch and water as impurity. Packed milk from reputed brands as well as milk purchased from milk-vendors can be adulterated so its important to check for them before consuming. Test for adulteration in milk can be done at home … Continue reading

How to Attract Attention of your Husband Everyday: 10 Best Tips

Do you sometimes crave to go back to your dating days? Not because you were younger and fitter then, but just to re-live the amazing chemistry you and your boyfriend shared. Many women complain that few years into the marriage and their husbands don’t give them the same attention as they used to when they were courting. Of course, men … Continue reading

How to Spend Monthly Salary for Short-term and Long-term Household Needs?

A penny saved is a penny earned. No matter how much or how less you earn, managing monthly budget as well as planning savings is an important part of every household.  The percentage of income you save is not as important as developing the habit to save. After following the obvious steps of building an emergency fund and a retirement … Continue reading