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How to Make Gravy For All Occasions

A dish could go wrong if the gravy hasn’t been prepared properly. The trick lies in its simple steps. Having patience and following the recipe works wonders. At the same time, a little improvisation is good and necessary at times. To have gravy that is relevant at all times, let us find out how to make a simple one that … Continue reading

How to Increase the Taste of Food: 25 Tips to Make Delicious Recipes Yummier

Many of us can cook. The big question here is can we cook right or are we doing something wrong? Sometimes, food tastes bland and drab because of overcooking, undercooking or simple boredom out of eating it in the same way all the time. Here are some tips that can help you take you cooking up a notch and ensure … Continue reading

How to break yourself free from ‘Dark Skin’ mindset in color-conscious India

Most of us Indians are color conscious. Not just us, in fact humans, all around the world are pretty concerned about the ‘color’ thing. Most girls grow up listening to the ‘don’t play in the sun, you will get tanned’ story. This seeps in to the very being and soul! Years later, as you grow up, you realize how important … Continue reading

How to Make Sandwich Dhokla at Home: A Tasty Indian Recipe

Anything different from the usual is a welcome change, especially if it incorporates colours, flavours and a slight variation in its cooking style – presenting the goodness of dhokla in the form of a sandwich. Read to find out how to make this interesting Gujrati recipe.   Sandwich Dhokla: Method Preparing the batter: Batter 1: Take a large bowl and … Continue reading

How to Make Restaurant-like Khandvi Dhokla

Thin yellow rolls of besan spread into sheets and twisted to perfection. Add to this a garnish of mustard seeds and chillies, and you have one of the most cherished Gujrati food items to snack on. This description is of khandvi dhokla also called khandavi. It is a type of dhokla made with ground gram flour. Its method of preparation … Continue reading

How to Make Khatta Dhokla – Restaurant Style

Who doesn’t love the famous Gujrati fermented dish?! Imagine preparing it with a twist, or just think of adding a little sourness to your otherwise accustomed palettes today. A recipe with an ounce of sour, a pinch of normal and oodles of taste; if we are talking sour, we have to talk yogurt. Read on to know more about the … Continue reading

How to Keep Hair Healthy with Proper Hair Care Routine: 10 Great Tips

Hair is a vital aspect of women’s beauty and keeping it healthy is important. A caress through it should be effortless and soothing, and for that having a proper hair care routine is important. A little extra time and effort spent in taking take care of hair can go a long way in keeping them shiny and healthy. Let us try … Continue reading

Make Toor Dal Dhokla at Home: A Yummy Gujarati Recipe

Dal or lentil is a great source of protein. It also constitutes a part of the staple diet of most Indians. Incorporating dal in a recipe means adding an additional nutrient to the diet. Moreover, the recipe does not require frying and sticks to the usual method of fermenting and steaming. Toor Dal Dhokla, as the name suggest is primarily … Continue reading

Make Green Peas Dhokla at Home: A Healthy Indian Recipe

Let’s go green with this innovative green peas dhokla recipe. It requires mashed green peas to the fermented mix and can easily be made at home. Sometimes a difference in colour and flavour add spark to the otherwise ordinary meal. Read more to figure out how to make this simple dish with a variation, the most nutritional recipe. Green Peas … Continue reading

Make Cheese Dhokla Recipe at Home: A Tasty Indian Gujarati Recipe

A cheesy twist to dhokla makes the otherwise common dhokla interesting. This recipe is for all cheese lovers and for children whose lunch boxes ought to have cheese slices by default. Try this fermented option coupled with low-fat or regular cheese. While there can be a number of ways of making it, as a spread, sandwich or stuffing, we will … Continue reading