How to break yourself free from ‘Dark Skin’ mindset in color-conscious India

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Most of us Indians are color conscious. Not just us, in fact humans, all around the world are pretty concerned about the ‘color’ thing.

Most girls grow up listening to the ‘don’t play in the sun, you will get tanned’ story. This seeps in to the very being and soul! Years later, as you grow up, you realize how important it is to be fair skinned, because fair = pretty! You look up to your fair skinned peers and succumb to the pressure of toning down your skin tone.

It’s time to accept your skin color and come out of this ‘dark skin’ mindset. We all are beautiful and there is not point in understating yourself.

1. Accept Who you are

You can’t be someone else so be comfortable with your skin tone. Your peers can pressurize, may be tease you only if you’re not comfortable in your own skin. Only if you feel your skin tone is a cause of worry, it is bound to be. If you have dark skin, how about accepting it and moving on?

2. Never Break Down

It is pointless to get affected by taunts and ideologies of people who have absolutely no idea of how it feels like to be in your shoes. Do not succumb to these bullies. Don’t take the advice of avoiding the sun, preventing a tan or coating a layer of fairness cream a day seriously.

3. Treat Yourself Well

Treat yourself as a normal/regular human being whose melanin content varies from the others. Just as no two people can be alike, neither can your skin tone; and that is absolutely OK.

4. Start Questioning

When you are told to avoid the sun, ask ‘why’? Be bold and firm! And there will be no answer if you show how comfortable you are having too much fun to care about a tan. Choose what matters – fun or pun?

5. Break Clichés

It’s 2016 and it’s time to break stereotypes associated with fair skin. Just because you are fair, doesn’t mean you are intelligent. The color of your skin will not draw your future, your will power and hard work will.

6. Get Inspired

Look up to a great star with big achievement who was once very much like you. You can always get inspired from Martin Luther King, the famous ‘William Sisters’, Akon, Kim Kardashian and others. They are best in their fields, unmatched by any. You could be one of them – a real difference-maker.

7. Strive to be a Better Human

At this stage, where education rules, and technology and innovations are at their peak, it is time to delete and recycle the conservative thoughts and methodologies of color conscious India, and install wise thoughts and fair (pun intended) ideas instead! Evolve as a better human being, full of moral values and respect for others. Don’t condemn anyone and do not let anyone put you down.

8. Be a Difference-Maker

Irrespective of what the world say, you have an entire life to prove them wrong. With your good work and great accomplishments in life, you could be a difference maker, a catalyst for change, an example for others.

Hope the above pointers help you in combating the fair skinned warriors and believers of the same! Take a step forward and embrace yourself. Break the dark skin mindset. Move around in a society that accepts and treats everyone as equals. But first, accept yourself and experience the change within!

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