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Earn Money from Home: 25 Part-time Jobs for Housewives & Students

It is never too late or early to earn money! It doesn’t matter whether you are a housewife or a student, you still can earn money and finance your needs and luxuries yourself. Read on to know how. Listed down are some of the part time jobs which the housewives and students can do it online and offline and earn … Continue reading

10 Simple Self-Defense Tips Indian Women Must Know

You must have seen it in television serials or movies- A woman is walking towards an isolated car parking. All of a sudden, a dangerous looking man appears out of nowhere and tries to grab the woman. The woman instantly kicks the guy. The guy screams in pain and woman makes a narrow escape. But life is not a movie … Continue reading

15 Ways to Use Waste Materials to Make Something Decorative and Useful

What do you normally do with the cold drink can when it becomes empty? Well, most of us will answer the same- throw it away in the dustbin. Simple! But have you ever thought that you can actually make good use of the can? For instance, you can cut the top of the can and plant flowers in it or … Continue reading