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Jyoti is a content writer based in Noida, India.

How to Stop Receiving Marketing Phone Calls and SMS in India?

Are you fed up of unwanted marketing calls and SMSes? Do you shudder when pesky telemarketers call you up to sell you those car loans, credit cards, and many other things you don’t want to buy? We can help you deal with exactly that. We humbly intend to give you immunity from those uninvited marketing calls and SMSes in India … Continue reading

How to Deal with Depression Due to Broken Relationships?

The heartbroken often struggles to be at peace with self, feeling turned inside out, each fragment of time seeming frozen and the person finding no good reasons to live. In these times of depression you need a few words of apt counseling more than ever. Healing a broken heart takes time. However, one thing you need to remember throughout is … Continue reading