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How to Keep Hair Healthy with Proper Hair Care Routine: 10 Great Tips

Hair is a vital aspect of women’s beauty and keeping it healthy is important. A caress through it should be effortless and soothing, and for that having a proper hair care routine is important. A little extra time and effort spent in taking take care of hair can go a long way in keeping them shiny and healthy. Let us try … Continue reading

Make Toor Dal Dhokla at Home: A Yummy Gujarati Recipe

Dal or lentil is a great source of protein. It also constitutes a part of the staple diet of most Indians. Incorporating dal in a recipe means adding an additional nutrient to the diet. Moreover, the recipe does not require frying and sticks to the usual method of fermenting and steaming. Toor Dal Dhokla, as the name suggest is primarily … Continue reading

Make Green Peas Dhokla at Home: A Healthy Indian Recipe

Let’s go green with this innovative green peas dhokla recipe. It requires mashed green peas to the fermented mix and can easily be made at home. Sometimes a difference in colour and flavour add spark to the otherwise ordinary meal. Read more to figure out how to make this simple dish with a variation, the most nutritional recipe. Green Peas … Continue reading

Make Cheese Dhokla Recipe at Home: A Tasty Indian Gujarati Recipe

A cheesy twist to dhokla makes the otherwise common dhokla interesting. This recipe is for all cheese lovers and for children whose lunch boxes ought to have cheese slices by default. Try this fermented option coupled with low-fat or regular cheese. While there can be a number of ways of making it, as a spread, sandwich or stuffing, we will … Continue reading

15 Indian Home Remedies that Actually Work

Most people are put off by claims of cow urine curing infections and onions fighting the common cold. But while some Indian home remedies seem drastic, they are extremely effective in curing a host of maladies. Check out these simple Indian home remedies that actually work: 1) Ginger Juice for Stomach Ache The next time you have a stomach ache, … Continue reading