How to Attract Attention of your Husband Everyday: 10 Best Tips

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Do you sometimes crave to go back to your dating days? Not because you were younger and fitter then, but just to re-live the amazing chemistry you and your boyfriend shared. Many women complain that few years into the marriage and their husbands don’t give them the same attention as they used to when they were courting. Of course, men are the first to withdraw from the romance after marriage, but are they alone responsible for the dying flame in your marriage? Do you pay the same attention to him as well as to yourself as you did when you were dating?

Women are often found struggling to manage their time juggling between household responsibilities and career. In such scenarios, making time to look good and dressing to get their husband’s attention, doesn’t really make it into their list of high priorities.

Preserving your charm in the mind and heart of your husband is not only about having a striking physical appearance. It is much more than that. If you too are wondering how to get husband’s attention, here are ten tips to help you become more attractive for your husband –

10. Get Rid of Those Pajamas

It is true that he even likes your unkempt look in those nighties and pajamas. However, that does not mean you get complacent and stay in that attire for the entire day. Yes, you have lots of household and office duties to perform. But before you get caught up in the vicious cycle, take some time for yourself.  Take a shower and feel good about yourself.  If you are a home-maker, don’t welcome him with a tired look and messed-up clothes. Try to freshen up and do some light make-up before he comes home.

9. Try to Stay Fit

Don’t let your husband-wife relationship die due to excess baggage around your waist. It’s very important to maintain yourself. You don’t have to follow a rigorous exercise routine. However, spare at least 30 minutes every day towards your fitness regime. Of course you cannot always look the same as you did when you first met, but giving it your best shot can surely help. Fitness, confidence and an active on-bed life comes as an added bonus.

8. Surprise Him

Giving a pleasant surprise to your husband is another great way of revitalizing your married life. Use your knowledge to buy a pair of sexy lingerie or a gown you know he will like. It will give him a chance to admire your beauty and at the same time it will make him happy knowing that you did something just for him. And if you are still in dilemma about ‘should I tell him I love him’, just go for it.

7. Don’t be Too Nagging

You don’t need to remind him of the pending bills as soon as he enters home. No one wants to come home to a nagging wife. Even if there is something important you need to tell him, approach him gently. Ask him if he was too busy in office to forget about the payment. Sending a quick text in the office reminding him of the pending stuff can surely help.

6. Share his Interests

Instead of getting annoyed about his never-ending love for soccer or wondering what is so fascinating about lifeless gadgets, try to join him in the fun. If he can lend a hand in the kitchen or watch a chick-flick with you, why can’t you share his passions?  Men just can’t help but admire the woman who shares their interests.

5. Respect his ‘Me’ Time

A man needs an occasional outing with his friends. Don’t crib or call too often while he is out with his friends. If he had a fun time out, he will come back to you in a good mood. Also, since he was away from you for a evening, he will try to make-up for the time and will give his entire attention to you.

4. Show that you Care for his Happiness

Just like you want him to take care of your happiness, a man expects the same too. When a woman tells a man about how his happiness is important to her, he feels extremely lucky. Little gestures like cooking his favorite meal, gifting him a shirt in his favorite color, planning an outing with his friends, arranging a surprise birthday party,  or even buying a gift for his mother, goes a long way in reconfirming that his happiness matters to you. Stuff you make him can surely attract more attention from your husband.

3. Make the First Move

The biggest matra of attracting husband towards yourself is by spicing your bed-life. Don’t always wait for him to initiate it. Give him indications or tease him. If he seems too stressed with his work, making the first move is all you need to change his mood for the good.

2. Talk it out

Make it a point to let your spouse know that you like what he did for you. Men like appreciations as much as a woman does. There is a no better way to boost a man’s confidence than encouraging his behaviors with a positive fortification.

Constructive talks help in building a stronger relationship between husband and wife.

1. Don’t Withdraw

When your spouse does not behave as you expect or want him to, it is very easy to take revenge by withdrawing yourself. However, this is not going to help. Don’t expect your spouse to be a mind-reader. He might not even realize that a problem exists.  Instead take some time to analyze the situation and convey the message to him. Don’t expect a guy to understand what a woman want…he never will.

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