7 android apps to block unwanted calls and messages

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Tired of unwanted calls and text messages, or someone disturbing you when you’re busy? Smartphones are wonderful devices that are precious in our daily lives, but unknown callers use the same to frustrate you like nothing. Marketers call you every second day to sell those credit cards and insurance policies you’re least interested in, and some idiot wrongly calls you asking for someone you never knew.

Thankfully, there are apps to block such disturbing calls on the android devices. The only thing you need to do is to add the caller details to the app, and then, all the incoming calls and text messages from that caller will be automatically discarded. In the blog, we enlist top 7 android apps for blocking unwanted calls and SMS.

1. Mr. Number – Block calls, texts

Among the top 100 best android apps, more than a lac downloads, best rating among of all call blocker apps, Mr. Number is not just any other app in the market. It also comes with a unique reverse lookup feature to gain the information about callers who call your number. Not only this, the powerful blocking feature allow users to block calls from a person, a business, a prefix, or the word. And the best part is its free, you can get all and more of this awesome app from Google Play.

2. TrueCaller

You must’ve heard of this awesome android app which is basically a phone directory. The app collects contacts from user’s smartphone and maintains in a centralized database. Once installed, when a person receives call from an unknown source, the app scans its own directory and tell the caller’s name. If caller is marked as spam by others then user can avoid receiving the call or block the caller altogether. (Download Truecaller)

3. Call Control – Call Blocker

Call Control is one of the most downloaded and best rated call and text message blocking android application came with full features. It is very easy to use, yet extremely powerful with which you can control your device completely. It offers exclusive features like community blacklist to block several spam callers automatically, customizable call control options, block FCC, do Not Call Violators, etc. You can download Call Control-Call Broker app from Google Play for free.

4. NQ Call Blocker

Probably the fourth best call blocking app of our list. Just install NQ Call Blocker on your android device to protect your privacy by discarding unwanted calls and text messages. It also includes a call manager with a blacklist, backup plan for your contacts so that they can be transferred from one device to another if a device is lost. (Download NQ Call Blocker)

5. Extreme Call Blocker

A rather app but with awesome features, extreme call blocker is another app to block unwanted calls and text messages. It also comes with the additional benefit of blocking MMS message and hence, secures your privacy. You can even go for customization of setting where you can select when/how/which call or SMS to block, or how to hide messages, calendar scheduling, and support timers. It also includes password protection, easy backup, stealth mode, cloud services, automatic erase of blocked calls log, blocking profiles, blacklist, etc.

Exteme call blocker is not free, but worthy of its price tag. So if you’ve got 6$, go and download now on your Android phone.

6. Call and SMS Easy Blocker

Another android app worth noting is the Call and SMS Easy Blocker. It blocks unwanted calls and SMS with ease, delete them call list and message inbox, and works awesome on all android devices. GUI and usability of this app is considered best among all. (Download Call and SMS East Blocker)

7. Call Blocker X – Location based Call blocking

Call Blocker X is little different from the rest. Its a call blocking app that allow users to block spam calls and messages based on location. For this, internet connection along with Google Map access is must. The features included are Call block by location, by group, by time, by selection, set specific caller tone for a group, auto-responder, etc. (Download Call Blocker X from Google Play)

In fact, the list doesn’t ends here, there are many more android apps that can help you in discarding disturbing calls and SMS. Just choose one from here or any other you feel is better and live in peace.

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